Freelancer: Why integrate a co-worker space?

Finding a balance between work and personal life

Economic development has paved the way for an unprecedented increase in the number of self-employed workers in France (over 8% according to a URSAAF report) and more attention has been paid to their concerns. If you work from home, whether you live alone or not, the consequences of trade-offs in terms of time and space between your work and personal life remain, at risk of overwhelming you. If you are a digital nomad, you know that going to a cafe is financially and professionally unsuitable.

Opting for a Paris peer location allows you to leave or resume on a proper basis, find a balance that is often threatened and engage yourself in the development of your activity. Integrating both central and dedicated space allows you to clarify, renew and integrate your ideas into the company of other freelancers who have become colleagues. In this way, you break the hopeless spiral of isolation, delay, and discouragement in which many freelancers need the network and clients.

The coworker space is specifically designed to improve your physical and mental well-being as well as your concentration. Smooth and vegetative, it has large bay windows and lights that provide optimal lighting that reduces fatigue and headaches. Comfortable and ergonomic workstations protect you from bad postures and their equipment (WIFI, printers and scanners) saves you extra costs.

An affordable place to share experiences

When you are a freelancer, beginner or not, order and income irregularities should not decrease, but will encourage you to invest in co-worker place. More flexible, less expensive and less isolated than the office, it is a suitable and affordable solution that pays for itself very quickly. You will meet other freelancers who have chosen this solution, who will share your experience and with whom you can exchange resources, clients and advice.

This is a great way to improve your image and the confidence of yourself and your company, but you also give to others. Never mind, you can practice your profession, receive your clients and save a room or equipment in a very pleasant professional environment. Designed by internationally renowned architects and decorators, these co-located spaces are an outward sign of irresistible success and consideration.

By choosing a Paris colleague’s location, you benefit from a very convenient location in the center of the capital to work more efficiently and with complete peace of mind, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, € 5 to প্রতি per hour depending on your preference. 800 per month. Guest, open or club sources offer you nomadic workstations, depending on the level of flexibility or necessity required for your work, with or without open space or preferential personalization, subscriptions.

An innovative and stimulating immersive model

Depending on their location, their specialty, and your projects, these peer-to-peer spaces allow you to occupy or pool an entire space. Alone or with other freelancers, you can choose one of the 14 cozy and inviting nests on the deskpolitan house or campus. Fully furnished apartments are specially designed for work, sports and socialization in a pleasant and lively environment.

With the same idea, outside of the workstation, you can expand and optimize your experience for a lifestyle closer to services and intercourse. Like these purpose-built communities, imported from the United States, you will find Voltaire Paris address, a recording studio, a gym, a restaurant, a cafe area, a vegetable garden on the roof, a crচche and even a barber shop!

Far from the harsh environment one can imagine, the co-worker space has evolved in recent years to provide unparalleled work, living and meeting conditions at very affordable prices. A solution especially suitable for freelancers who want to develop their business from scratch.

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