Her husband Patrick is a prisoner, she says goodbye

Amel Bent is in the worst condition. When she had just given birth to her third child, the singer found herself separated from her husband, who was in prison. The Objeko team tells you all about this tragic matter in this article.

Amel Bent: The birth of her third child

Happy event has finally come! Amel Bent has given birth to her third child! Usually, she prefers to highlight her music career on social networks, rather than save about her personal life. But her baby bump was getting too big to hide! So, even if it means getting pregnant, Amel Bent has decided to formalize the news in the most beautiful way. She dressed herself in a very sensual tight dress and posed holding her belly. His fans were going crazy!

We were then able to see him appear on The Voice throughout the season with his belly swollen from show to show.

The new baby was eagerly awaited in March. And he waits! In fact, her newborn did not arrive until April 7. The parents are obviously happy. Amel Bent shared the good news on social networks: “Thank you for all the love and kindness messages I have shared with you during this pregnancy. Now, before we meet again, have a little rest and a lot of hugs. ” We can only wish them so much happiness, and we are sure that the two older sisters are also happy to discover their younger brother! Because yes, it’s really a little boy! However, his first name has been kept secret for now …

If happiness seemed to float for Amel Bent, it was without counting on the actions of her husband, Sulfur Patrick Antonelli.

Patrick Antonelli: Amel Bent’s sulfur husband

Patrick Antonelli is a driving school manager who has become famous for the wrong reasons. In fact, Amel Bent’s husband was involved in a fake driving license case that caused a scandal. Patrick Antonelli drafted 258 false driving licenses with the help of an employee at Hautes-de-Sain Prefecture. Celebrities are involved, such as Ali Baddu, Jeremy Menez or even Samir Nasri. Looting is not less than € 400,000.

Amel Bent’s husband has been sentenced to 4 years in prison and fined 100,000 euros. However, he decided to appeal against the decision. On January 27, 2022, the court ruled. Patrick Antonelli has finally been sentenced to three years in prison, with a two-year suspension. An employee of Prefecture Rabia Benares has been sentenced to three years in prison, two of which have been suspended and fined 40,000 euros. He did not appeal the decision. Amel Bent’s husband was able to carry a simple electronic bracelet. However, just four months after his conviction, he returned to court, and this time he will not be able to escape from prison …

Patrick Antonelli jailed in another case

This time Amel Bent’s husband will not be able to escape from the prison box. The driver’s license has already been questioned, this is the second case that has left him in a quandary. In fact, the new convict announced on March 8 by the Nanterre criminal court expressed concern about his wife’s illegal position as a bodyguard. A position he certainly did not hesitate to charge. However, this profession is highly regulated. But this is not the end! Patrick Antonelio would have benefited from the state assistance provided to compensate for the reduction of activity during Cuvid when he was not entitled to it, according to our colleagues from Parisian.

Amel Bent’s husband has therefore been sentenced to just 15 months in prison. His sentence was delayed because his wife was pregnant. However, now that the baby has been born, Patrick Antonelli has to find himself in the shadows for a while. If he appeals against the decision, the issue of going through the prison box is not subject to discussion.

So in the first months of her baby life, Amel Bent had to raise her alone, in addition to her two other daughters. However, it is easy to imagine that he would benefit from all the help he needed from his family and friends!

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