Homework help, how can I effectively support my children? – 05/17/2022 at 4:30 p.m.

Homework help, how can I effectively support my children?

Help with household chores should not be a bad time for the baby. In order for her to learn in the best of circumstances, it is vital that she feel comfortable and, above all, interested in correcting her lessons and practicing them. Here are some tips to help your kids get the most out of their homework.

Adapt to the baby’s rhythm

Many parents are tempted to impose an education that is sometimes outdated and with dubious results. If a good approach is able to give your child a good structure, his or her preferences also need to be considered in order to maintain his or her motivation. Maybe your child prefers to start by correcting the things he or she likes the most or, conversely, he prefers the least to get rid of them. What comes of the order, as long as the diligent! Also, some kids want to do their homework as soon as they get home from school, others want a little break before going back there. Don’t be too rigid and your child will reward you! Everyone is different and their desires are rarely a whim, if you explain the importance of doing their homework!

Adapt to the baby's rhythm

Adapt to the baby’s rhythm

Organize a healthy environment

It is also important to organize a healthy environment for him, i.e. to save a corner for him, especially by setting up an office area in his house and cutting off any external elements that may disturb him. However, perhaps a little musical background contrast can be valuable for its density. Even if you are not too relaxed, listening to your child’s wishes can only improve your homework support.
Another important thing is if you are committed to helping her, make sure that you can be available and pay attention to her siblings without answering the phone or by her side without doing any chores around the house.


Being strict is not the right way to effectively accompany your child, even if a little perseverance is welcomed, especially if your child is spoiled. While it is essential that he understands that homework is not a game session and that it requires a little importance, learning in a humorous way is sometimes the best solution for retaining new knowledge. Whatever the case, the role of the parent is to support his or her child. Does he have any weaknesses in any subject? Try to identify the root of the problem. Does he not understand a statement? Explain it differently. She says she’s tired? Maybe he really is! For improvement, a child needs to feel capable. If you let her down or scold her for failing, she may even develop a certain reluctance to do anything school-related. On the other hand, if you are kind, he will gain confidence and motivation. Or maybe she needs more time to understand and exercise, in this case learn to be patient and not interfere. Doing her homework can be a time saver and a relief for her, but it will also hurt her in the long run.



Listen to him and give him autonomy

Not all children necessarily like to be partners, at least not necessarily by their parents. Some people find it easier to get active if homework is provided by a third party. It’s not always easy to push into the whole panopoly of the role that a “cool parent”, “teacher”, “confident” and parent can play. Furthermore, if your child is reluctant to exercise or if he or she seems completely uninterested in homeschooling, it may be because your methods do not suit him or he may be a little embarrassed to do them with you. If so, there is no reason to worry. Not all parents have good coordination with their children in support of educational fiber or homework. Just hire a private teacher. Also, if your child is studious and independent and likes to work with classmates, give them that option. Until he is perfect and shows good school results, the methods don’t matter!

Education is not just about homework …

It’s important to remember that learning doesn’t just happen during school or homework. There are many lifelong learning opportunities for children outside the classroom and as a parent you can play an important role in your child’s education at any time. Learning the basics of math can be done by shopping, cooking or even paying out of pocket. Spell and grammar by reading journals, magazines, notices or general symbols. Trying to make your child aware of common sense and taking advantage of common everyday gestures to perfect their knowledge is just like any other way to help them with their homework. The more awake he is, the less difficulty he will have in school or at least in learning new things.

Education is not just about homework ...

Education is not just about homework …

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