Retrograde – Housewife: Forgetting March 8th

The March 8 Celebration International Women’s Day. Recognition, in 1982This day frustrates feminists as a national holiday: women’s housework is not recognized …

MLF claims

In 1970, from the beginning MLFThe feminist movement condemns both the exploitation of women in the work world and the non-recognition of domestic work as work.

  • Women’s Estate General

From November 23, 1970 State General of WomenOrganized by the magazine She In Versailles, a worker, Christine Delphi, took the microphone in surprise and announced:

Homework: It’s free, it’s not paid! [alors] You have the freedom to depend on your husband …

Feminists compare women’s domestic work to that of slaves.

1974, MLF launched Women’s strike Protesting against denied, compulsory and unpaid housework.

On this occasion, an employee suggested:

What if I stopped caring for my husband… what if women stopped working? Let them know that they have the power. We have the power!

Launches MLFMarch 7th call. They claim that March 8, 1982, became a national holiday in France. The call was made by feminists in the MLF’s Psychoanalysis and Politics Group (Psychopo for Insider). They insisted that March 8 be recognized for the housework Holidays And To provide For all women.

To support their point, feminists emphasize the three levels of women’s work, domestic, maternal, and professional:

  • Women work from home, they work 37 billion hours of domestic work a year, unpaid and unrecognized. That means 60 hours of housework per week in the service of men and children.
  • Women give birth to 800,000 babies a year, three every two minutes.
  • Women have a professional activity.

MLF has supportYvette Rowdy Women’s Rights Minister. Workers are launching a petition to collect 50,000 signatures. Their request was then approved by 57% of the population.

On January 20, 1982, the Cabinet decided to make March 8 the day National holiday Women

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March 8, 1982: Women in Elysee are adopted by Francois Mitterrand



That day, in Paris, 400 women were greeted by Francois Mitterrand in Elysee, and 10,000 other women took to the streets during two demonstrations. One is at the urging of the MLF Place de la Republic, the other is organized by the CGT Place de la Trinite.

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MLF protest March 8, 1982



March 8th will not be a public holiday or a holiday, to the frustration of the MLF.
The government has not listened to the feminists’ desire to show symbolic and strong national respect for women’s work, including housework.

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MLF’s frustration March 8, 1982



Why 7th March?

The idea dates from the last century, in 1910, to Clara Jetkin And the Socialist Women’s Group at the Eighth Congress of the Socialist International in Copenhagen. The following year, one million women protested in Europe.
Many countries choose this date to celebrate Women’s Day.

Television archives reflect this, with reports of official events in China and Cuba in the 1960s. French television, on the other hand, gives the show little visibility in France. The first report, dated March 8, 1970, mentions International Women’s Day in France. The origins of the March 8th are explained there by the pseudo-revolt of the American workers in 1857.

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International Women’s Day March 8, 1970



Ordered in 1975 ” Woman’s year By the United Nations. The initiative is ridiculed by misogynists and challenged by feminists who denounce a recovery that hides the real problems.

In 1977, the United Nations officially declared the day International Women’s Day.

In France, at the initiative of the MLF, the Socialist Government of Franোয়াois Mitterrand granted official status on March 8, 1982.

  • The Myth of the American Workers Strike

Historians often attribute the March 8 source to a On March 8, 1857, the Seamstresses of New York went on strike. Historical research has not been able to prove the reality of any of the events of March 7.

What has changed since 1982?

Household genes do not exist!

Who will do the dishes? We are going to make a revolution!

The slogans of the feminist protests of March 8, 1982, demanded priority for jobs, 24-hour free cr ,ches, fight against violence against women …

Since then, nothing has changed … or very little.
Controversy over the recognition of housewives is rare. Today 80% of women have paid activity, which always raises the question of double day for women and sharing household chores with men. It is true that male participation is a little higher, however, according to a surveyIpsos It’s not a revolution yet …

Women must change stereotypes and fight sexual harassment for equal pay. Other movements are just as emerging Women, # Me too

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