Surprise from the former candidate this season!

Marriage at first sight This Monday, May 16th M6 will present the last couple of this 6th season But some fans of the program have already discovered this new episode in Salto! So they were able to discover that the new couple was none other than Sandy and Alexander. That said, those who like to feel the suspense build don’t know that they will have some nice surprises. In fact, it would not be a question of just discovering a new couple Marriage at first sight. It will also be an opportunity to find a specific Laurent, a former candidate in the program.

Written byObjeko No doubt the faces of longtime fans of the M6 ​​show are already remembered. But let us answer all your questions in the rest of this article. Caution, the following line may contain spoilers. But we are not going to say whether it is a new couple or not Marriage at first sight Will be difficult or transient. Don’t miss the next episodes if you want to know.

Marriage at first sight Surprising its viewers with the return of the former candidate

Every week Marriage at first sight Ink flows on the canvas. People can actually react to episodes of the show on Instagram and Twitter. There is no lack of twist anywhere else in the episode! Since then, social networks have been on fire and the visibility of the show could only increase. Also, it’s not uncommon for the public to find some teasers before the new episode airs on M6. That’s why on May 14, it was possible to discover a complete sequence about Alexander by discovering a mysterious gift from Sandy. There seems to be a good reason for Mr. and Mrs. 77% to stay together. Rather than introduce herself, Sandy sent a box of personal belongings to her future husband. Unbeknownst to her that she loves him so much about him.

Clearly, such an order can only be desired by the public Marriage at first sight Find more. That’s why some fans are already in Salto and can’t wait for the M6 ​​to air the next part of the sixth season. Gold, Objeko As you said above, they may decide to ruin the surprise for others. But the only comment on the web right now is about the beauty of Alexander’s future wife, Sandy.

A young woman we are not going to present to you right now, so you might be surprised too.

Still, there is a surprise game in this episode Marriage at first sight That we cannot ignore.

Laurent is back and uses her experience with Sandy

Peace of suspense, readersObjeko Already know that a former candidate named Laurent will shine in this new episode on May 16th. Sandy’s best man could be one that the show’s oldest fans know very well. Since he himself was a candidate for this same event! The Laurent we were talking about above married Vicky. If her love story doesn’t work out in the end, she wants to do everything she can to support her friend Sandy to the best of her ability and let her adventure live on perfectly.

In the social networks of Sandy and Laurent, it is so clear that the former candidate Marriage at first sight The young woman is none other than the best man. And in the newspaper column Here In particular, we discover that there will be fear on stage as long as Sandy’s intervention and the advice of her witness are needed. The advice is more relevant since their friendship is 15 years old, but after all, Laurent has already gone through the same moments as his friend. His experience as a former candidate Marriage at first sight There can only be one bonus! At the very least, everyone clearly hopes that this new couple in the program will develop a certain friendship and prove that the show still has its resin d’etre.

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