The reason for its radical transformation

The “Married at First Sight” show allowed Jennifer and Eddie to marry in late 2021. Since this reunion, the young woman has changed a lot. She has lost a lot of weight. On Instagram, Jennifer explained the reason for this impressive change in the image. Objeko tells you everything in this article …

“Married at first sight”: stories that end and others that begin

The sixth season of “Married at First Sight” was rich in twists and turns. Internet users have been trying to track the evolution of these relationships since the couple got married. Some candidates have a lot of followers in their network. Regularly, they express themselves and put confidence in the latter. Thus, we can learn that, for example, Caroline and Axel are already divorced. This news is not surprising for the show’s die-hard fans. Remember, Caroline said “yes” without feeling the slightest attraction to her husband. Unfortunately, he could not get over his reservations about Axel.

For Jennifer and Eddie, on the other hand, the story has just begun. The meeting of these two bachelors was broadcast last Monday in the episode ‘Marriage at first sight’. The young man was immediately fascinated by his future wife. Very elegant, she wore a white suit set. However, her relatives were not impressed by the choice of clothing during the fittings. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. As such, Jennifer does not show the same silhouette with Eddie on her wedding day and in her current photos published on Instagram. Many customers of the young bride did not miss this change.

Jennifer has lost a lot of weight

And it’s a significant weight loss that Internet users were surprised to see in the episode “Married at First Sight” dedicated to Jennifer and Eddie. Faced with many reactions caused by this important change, Sundari revealed herself in a video posted on her Instagram story.

On Saturday, May 14, Jennifer announced: “I’ve lost a lot of weight” Before explaining what he took a lot before shooting the show. “I had a big question and a perception.” She explains that after having a painful story with a man who is unfaithful to her, the beautiful blonde decides to take responsibility for making her head and body feel better. ” I lost 11 kg “, Then he announces to his customers.

With this significant weight loss, the “married at first sight” candidate wants to reassure Internet users who have followed him since the program aired: ” I’m not thin, I’m not underweight. I fell back to my ideal weight. “Young brides have something to envy! She seems to be satisfied with her figure and her fans are now convinced, this change has not suffered, but desired.

Candidates answer questions from internet users

For Eddie, he also exhibits a dream image that thanks to the game he perseveres to practice. If you haven’t seen the show dedicated to this loving couple, you wonder if Jennifer was seduced by her husband when she saw him… yes, she liked him immediately. Nevertheless, the young woman wanted to establish some safety distance during the photoshoot. The editing of the episode even gave the impression that he was remote. But the bride explained on Instagram that the shows are misleading. “You can see when taking pictures for more than 30 seconds.”. Jennifer added that not everything shown in the last episode reflects reality. His feelings were completely different and the content of their exchange was different.

The “married at first sight” candidate also spoke of another concern for his fans. You will be surprised because these are his teeth! In fact, some Internet users believe that Jennifer wears veneers, these shells are very thinly coated and stick to the outer face of the teeth. “These are my real teeth.” Sure one who wears a noble smile in a glossy white.

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