Tom Cruise, “Maverick”, Tycoon, War Machine

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Ear (AFP) – Who can challenge the James Bond and superhero franchises at the box office with such regularity? Tom Cruise, soon to be 60, faces other blockbusters like “Mission Impossible” and “Top Song: Maverick” parachuting into the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday.

“Tom Cruise is an actor in the history of cinema who has the highest success rate in his choice, in his project, in his work,” said Thierry Framex, the festival’s general representative, who changed the course of a day. From the Control Tower contest to the “Top Song: Maverick” (sequel to the first part of 1986) and its mega-star.

The actor-producer has never given a superhero cape in his 40-year career but is still called upon to be the savior of movies because movies are slow to return to the level of meeting their pre-world health crisis.

“When he’s committed to a project, it’s a great result, a great movie, and we welcome this artist, not just the blockbuster + top song + that we hope will bring viewers back to the movies,” Thierry Fremax develops.

The president of the American Festival Jury, Vincent Lindon, also appealed to a French actor who is still famous for his socially promising filmography.

“I’ve always loved Tom Cruise. He’s one of the best actors in the movie, always straight in his line!”, He recently announced in the Journal du Dimanche.

“Significant cracks”

He is right. Tom Cruise is still racing. Metaphorically and literally, as we see him in one of the first scenes in the race-test of the attempt at the new “top song”, which allows him to display a body that is always maintained with care.

Reunion with Val Kilmer, sick in film and in life, is painful to watch for later, as Tom Cruise demonstrates brilliant health.

American actor Tom Cruise at the Cannes Film Festival for his film “Top Song: Maverick”, May 18, 2022. Christoph Simon AFP

This is the first chapter with “Top Song” that the comedian who just broke up with “Risky Business” (1983) became a superstar in the “Maverick” fighter pilot costume, the nickname of the character.

A nickname meaning “Maverick”, which the actor tried to escape from the commercial circuit in order to enter the movie Atu. “Born July 4th” by Oliver Stone (1989) reads like an opposing “top song”, a protagonist, a Vietnam veteran, confined to a wheelchair, in complete hell.

A great effort and attempt to tarnish his image – in vain – has won him an Oscar for a performance like the United States. “He wants to be the best (…) he comes from the working class, he has a noticeable crack, he comes from a split house, he was dyslexic,” Le Monde quoted Olivier Stone in the newspaper.

Pro-Scientology Activism

Tom Cruise even offered brackets to cerebral director, Stanley Kubrick (“Ice Wide Shot”, with his wife Nicole Kidman) and Paul Thomas Anderson (“Magnolia”).

But in the 1990s, Tom Cruise decided to return to mainstream action cinema as an actor and producer with “Mission Impossible.”

Another great filmmaker for this actor, who has already moved to the front of the camera, Francis Ford Coppola (for a small role at the beginning of his career) and later for Steven Spielberg Play (“War of the Worlds”).

U.S. actor Tom Cruise at the Cannes Film Festival for his film
American actor Tom Cruise at the Cannes Film Festival for his film “Top Song: Maverick”, May 18, 2022. Valerie Hatch AFP

Tom Cruise has starred in “Mission Impossible” for almost 30 years (1996), an exceptional longevity that no actor has ever known to play a James Bond character. The man of impeccable humor is well on his way back, and his pro-scientist activism has tarnished his image, especially in the mid-2000s.

Once again, he has become one of the symbols of Hollywood power. “He’s a man who dedicates himself to movies, Thierry Framax insists. To see Tom Cruise, you have to see a feature film in movies.”

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