Video Game Addiction – Criticizing Your Child – Swimming Pool And New Safety Rules

Video games designed for addiction, the consequences of publicly criticizing your child, the safety of the backyard swimming pool


Video Games: Why do kids find it hard to stop playing?

Does your child have trouble stopping playing their video games? Video games and apps are actually designed to be addictive and inspiring, warns a psychologist.

Apps and games are designed to create a strong motivation to play, for example collecting rewards or advancing to the next level, without having to work too hard. They encourage players not to give up because they are so close to winning.

If designers succeed in making apps and games so addictive, it’s because they rely on persuasive design principles. This field of psychology studies how to create technologies that are difficult to do without.

Children are particularly at risk for these persuasion techniques, as their brains respond more than adults when they receive a virtual gift in a game. They refuse to close the screen.

Several social networks (such as TikTok, Snapchat) and video games (such as Fortnite) use persuasive design techniques. Researchers further regret that psychologists have kept their skills to the advantage of video game designers.

He also believes that knowing how persuasive designs affect children’s brains can help families better understand why it is difficult for a child to give up their video games.

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Why avoid criticizing your child in public

When their child behaves badly, some parents criticize him in public so that he does not reproduce this behavior. Although this method often works instantly, it can have negative consequences.

Indeed, public criticism and embarrassing remarks insult and demean a child, which can damage the relationship with his parents. These words can also lower his self-esteem, because they make him feel “bad” or “mean”. The consequences could be even greater if these comments are published on social networks.

Several comments can make a child look small, such as “I don’t know why I’m going to hurt you so much” or “I’m tired of hearing your cries. If you want to express yourself like this, take a break and talk to her later.” Come back.

To make your child aware of bad behavior without insulting him, tell him alone without publicly criticizing him that he did not behave well. Instead, discuss his behavior and emotions. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection.

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Swimming pool: New safety rules suspended

Due to labor and equipment shortages, the Quebec government is delaying the deadline for applying for an amendment to the Regulation on the Safety of Residential Swimming Pools by more than 2 years.

As announced last year, these changes put an end to the rights acquired by owners of swimming pools installed before 1, among other things.Of November 2010, those regulations must not be complied with. For example, these owners had 2 years to control access to their pool, which had a perimeter of at least 1.2 meters, equipped with a safety latch, inside the ground, semi-inland or above ground.

However, they are being given a grace period, as fence builders and installers are unable to meet the current high demand. These owners therefore have until September 30, 2025, to secure their pool, not until September 1Of July 2023.

For details on the rules, see Swimming Pool: New Rules to Protect Kids from Drowning.

Sources: and Gazette Official du Quebec

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