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Parent / school co-education, sometimes a hoax? 7 years of hardship for the Puech family, the catalog “infiltrating parents” because they try to assert Amaury, dys and hearing hard rights. Expected collaboration is a failure.

Co-education is a fashionable concept, which ” Priority By national education. Having an idea Strengthen trust and communication between school and family 7, as well as with health professionals in case of disability. In other words, allowing a ” Increase parental involvement in educational activities Within that organization. The goal? Work on symbiosis in the best interests of the child. There is even an official circular on the subject (n ° 2013-142) dating from 2013. On paper, it makes sense, but in reality?

Historically, parents have stayed out of school. To them the education of children; The teacher instructed them. Since then, the ice has (very) slowly broken down … however, reluctance remains. The Puech family paid the price. Lydia and Arnaud Puech are the parents of eleven-year-old Amauri, disabled after a premature birth. According to this mother, The school is increasingly becoming a closed place where co-education is often not invited and where inclusion is sometimes omitted.

Co-education is not in VR

From the very beginning of kindergarten there was difficulty because Amauri could not speak due to his moderate deafness and his disorder including dysphasia, even though he did not have any intellectual disability. Families are trying to evaluate and relay between health professionals and teachers with complete transparency in the interests of their child. But, within the school, they struggle to find out what is happening. “ The exchange was almost impossible and, when there was one, we were answered vaguely.I remember Lydia and Arnold. We were seen as intruding parents. “Initially, there is no improvement … On the one hand, health professionals provide facilities and equipment, on the other hand, we are reluctant to implement them. Amauri is denied the use of an abacus and a digital ruler when he needs imagination and manipulation to understand. Then you have to tinker with others. ” Strategy 6, with a system of sticks. “ We immediately thought there would be no long-awaited co-education. “, Lydia explains, who confirms that other parents are in a similar situation throughout France, and even refuses to use computer tools (tablets or computers) despite MDPH notifications! It is the investment of health professionals that is affected. ” What does it mean to have rehabilitation sessions with occupational therapists, psychomotricians, speech therapists, if the work cannot be reinvested in the classroom? “, He asked.

A short break

CM1 gives one year leave thanks to a listening teacher who teaches an adaptive teaching and considers the skills of medico-social workers. Short-term vacation … In the second quarter of CM2, the family decides to call Sapad (home-based educational support service) two days a week with the help of health professionals following Amauri; Set up in each department by National Education, the device is dedicated to sick, injured or disabled children so they can follow the program. Lydia says to herself Tired of always having to repeat the same thing and find accommodation difficult to apply “, Especially since it was Amauri.” You have to pay the price and adapt! “” Putting a hearing-impaired child with a hearing aid in the back of the classroom, refusing written comprehension to compensate for verbal comprehension, not sharing texts with a USB key provided by us: these are examples of disrespectful measures that directly affect our son. The first trimester was exhausting because he had to work harder to get there “, He continues.

Anger arises when parents become aware of a summary note written by a visitor who criticizes Lydia’s behavior and blames her for all the conflict. The family then decided to condemn them. ” Serious verdict To the concerned ministry. Administrative court proceedings are underway.

Tired of cataloging

Lydia and Arnold have been struggling for seven years, exhausted Listed “Just because they are” Know their child “Because they want to.” Help her with her education so that she becomes an independent adult “” Often, I hear about inappropriate and aggressive behavior from parents, but the opposite is also true.Lydia adds. Violence of words exists in both senses. Some teachers apply pressure, there may be defamatory comments. We are not talking about these mothers often described as hysteria. We rarely talk about these families who climb on the crane in the hope of winning their case. But these are realities that cannot be hidden. A

A right writing in black on white

However, there does not seem to be any chance left by national education … To ensure the educational role of students, their parental rights are recognized through: the right to information about their children’s schooling and school behavior monitoring, the right to assemble as applied to joint meetings or individual structures, the right to participate by their representatives, members of an association or not Selected or appointed to sit in the organization “This is what is written on the site. In 2013, the law for the re-establishment of schools in the Republic provides for the creation,” he said. In all educational institutions, a place (Classroom or reserved room) For parental use The author of the book is Katherine Hartig-Delatre Co-education is possible in schoolThe judges, at the same time, said that ” It’s complicated “Because “It’s a relational system after all, and any relational system is difficult “According to him, the Professionals set up concrete ways and processes “, With some” Rules of the game “So” It could work

Soon a dedicated association

For Lydia, it’s not a question of putting all the teachers in the same bag: ” I know many people are trying to listen and suffer from a lack of resources, but they have the honesty to talk about it with their families and find solutions with the help of health professionals. “In an effort to change the situation and” Bail out dialogue The couple, with the help of health professionals and women and men in law, plan to form an association next month to bring together people with disabilities and protect the rights of children with specific needs. He also wants to denounce it. ” Excessive maternal phobia In the case of disability, which in some cases leads Worrying information or abusive reports “He noticed that” Hiring a lawyer to protect your rights is becoming commonplace in so-called inclusive societies. It is unfortunate to come but sometimes it is the only solution to move forward

Today, the results are bitter … Some measures have not been respected, Amauri has been forced to follow her courses through the Cned (National Center for Distance Education) from May 9, 2022, outside of school. ” A sad acknowledgment of failure “Lament for her parents, who, in spite of everything, have new hopes for college next school year.”

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