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After a two-year absence from the ice, Gagné-Bergeron Pro-Am is back in action at the Videotron Center on August 9, with a list of star NHL players who, once reunited, could potentially break the pay cap!

On the one hand, this is a brand new version of the event, which raises funds for four organizations that help sick, disadvantaged or special needs children.

So far, 19 players have confirmed their presence, and the goal is to attract 24 players to play with eight amateurs. The plan is to combine four professional players and one amateur in each team.

In addition to regulars like Patrice Bergeron, Simon Gagne and Jonathan Marchesalt, players like Jonathan Huberdeau, Jack Aichel, Alexis Lafrenier and Charlie McAvoy have promised to be there. Extended, with a national league-like game, “Pro-Am Gagné-Bergeron’s new president, Bruno Guevara, has promised.

Amateur pampering

In the past, the event brought together more amateur players to blend in with the professionals. This time around, the eight amateurs present will pay a tidy sum of $ 10,000 to take part in the activity, but their presence among the greats promises to be even more attractive.

“The goal is to raise as much money as possible for our foundation. We needed fans for that, but we had to improve the show on ice. I saw the audience pay $ 25 and the show was fine, but not my favorite. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

“Hobbyists must have a good feeling to see something like this, a professional bedroom ৷ they will see better, what is the speed of ice professionals,” he added.

Over the years, Pro-Am has attracted nearly 10,000 viewers to the Videotron Center.

The organizers are not hiding that they are still trying to attract a few more big names, especially one player whose identity they did not want to reveal.

Can this world answer the Sydney crossbase call?

“We already have a number of big names, but given the others we’re working with, we could easily think of filling the building with 12,000, 15,000 or even more,” Bruno Guy headlined without opening his game.

Big return

After two versions of the Off-Ice Challenge during the epidemic, Pro-Am returns to its roots with the 12th edition on ice. Including the last two editions, the event is 14 years old and has collected 1 2.1 million so far

“We had to restart the machine; It’s big, pro-mango. It has been out of the world for 14 years, but it has never grown. We want to go to 24 professionals, ideally we lack one goalkeeper and three defenders, “said Vice-President Allen Reux.

As in the past, r Tail gate The pre-match will be held. Representing teams will be the Vegas Golden Knights, with Jonathan Marchesalt as captain, as well as the Boston Bruins, Patrice Bergeren in the same role.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

“We often talk to Patrice, but not her. Will he retire? I don’t know, “said Alain Reux, while Bergen’s best friend Simon Gagnon was silent.

Tickets are on sale at or 1855 790-1245. The four beneficiaries are Le Pignon Blue, Lucan, the Maurice Tangua Foundation and the Philip Boucher Foundation.

Professionals present

The attackers

  • Patrice Bergeron (Boston Bruins)
  • Alex Chiasson (Vancouver Canucks)
  • Philip Donalt (Los Angeles Kings)
  • Simon Gagne (Retired – Philadelphia Flyers)
  • Yani water bottle (Seattle Kraken)
  • Alexis Lafrenier (New York Rangers)
  • Jonathan Marchesalt (Vegas Golden Nights)
  • Vincent Lecavalier (Retired – Tampa Bay Lightning)
  • Nicholas Roy (Vegas Golden Nights)
  • William Carrier (Vegas Golden Nights)
  • Jack Aichel (Vegas Golden Nights)
  • Jonathan Huberdeau (Florida Panthers)
  • Matthew Joseph (Ottawa Senator)


  • Mark-Edward Vlasic (San Jose Sharks)
  • Charlie McAvoy (Boston Bruins)
  • Thomas Chabot (Ottawa Senator)
  • David Savard (Montreal Canadian)
  • Pierre-Olivier Joseph (Pittsburgh Penguin)


  • Samuel Montembelt (Montreal Canadian)

* Players in discussion

Mark-Andre Fleury (Minnesota Wild), Louis Dominguez (Pittsburgh Penguin), Malcolm Subban (Buffalo Sabers)

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