Despite the advent of telework from home, peer work in the countryside is a hit on Eveline

A handful of workers are still working to get the finishing touches. Jouars-Pontchartrain (Yvelines), a fellow space has just opened its doors to a former post house classified as a historic monument.

The 4 2.4 million project, delayed due to Covid and construction site ambiguity, has been in the pipeline since 2017. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, the structure offers forty places to “work remotely”. 6,000 inhabitants in this community.

10 kilometers away, the village of Thoiri, with 1,500 inhabitants, has begun adventure. In a 17th-century building purchased by the municipality, a similar site, with nineteen sites, has been open since September.

The two locations were conceived in support of Blandine Kane, creator of the pioneering third place “50 Coworking” born in Méré, an open country seven years ago.

“Protect the formula Yvelines live and work A

After a break in the middle of Kovid, the occupancy rate in Thoari has just crossed the 50% mark. “It simply came to our notice then. The mayor (DVD) welcomed Franোয়াois Mautot. The idea is to provide a service to the residents first. Because it’s clear – and the health crisis has confirmed it – that the work between your refrigerator, your television and your children is going well for a while! A

Population services, therefore, but not only. “It simply came to our notice then Yvelines live and work, The mayor insisted. 85% of greenhouse gas emissions produced in the south and west of the department are associated with car travel. “If we want to work, we must shift economic activity, improve transportation, and create space for the promotion of remote work.”

Loneliness is broken, “networking” …

With his motorcycle helmet in hand, Francois, in his fifties, had just arrived in front of a colleague’s place at Juarez to ask. Employed in a design office, he has worked alone at home for two and a half years. “It simply came to our notice then. And when I have an appointment with my supplier or my customers, I have to pick them up at the cafe, he explains. If I decide to come here, maybe I can do some networking. A

This is Crystal Kylie, 40, who received it. For three years, he worked at Traps for the animation and communication of a business incubator. And has just been hired by the city of Jouars to manage the fellow space.

Nearby are two free car parks, three bus lines, one of which serves the station in six minutes … The transport network is “an additional resource”. Quentin and Julien don’t even have to ask questions about their movements. They run a business selling used vehicles near a colleague’s place. But then, what’s the point of coming here?

“I have a child, it’s not compatible with teleworking”

“It’s true that it can be amazing, but we work in the open with six employees. It is impossible to isolate yourself. There we can. Everything is perfect, welcome, “he said. Two young men, aged 27 and 31, live in Villiers-le-Mahiu, a village 15 kilometers away, but not a fan of working from home. “I have a child, it’s not compatible with teleworking, Quentin explains. Here, we hope to meet people who practice other professions.”

Stephanie, 38, an environmental engineer, works for a company based in Mudon (Hauts-de-Seine) but lives in Joars. Encouraged by Kovid to telecommute, he “wanted to change speed and concentrate more easily than at home.”

François-Xavier, 50, in retraining for energy reform, has “a new career to discover.” She chose to join a colleague “to stay in the area and share an experience”.

An associate bistro to complete the process

Like Thori, the Joars-Pontchartrain co-location was the subject of an opportunity study conducted in 2016 by the community of the Commune Coure d’Evlin.

“We did not start this adventure by chance. Polls and studies have shown us that we were not dreaming: colleagues were really the community’s interest, “summed up Philip Emanuel, mayor of Juarez.

In this uninhabited village, the co-worker’s place “plays a real role”. Similarly future partner Bistro plans a house next door, which will be the subject of a call for an application in a few weeks.

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