His pregnant wife is allergic to his cat, so he tells her to go to her parents

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother may have allergies or, if she already has allergies, her symptoms may get worse. It happened to a 6-month-pregnant woman who suddenly became allergic to cats, her husband Reddit said. The problem is they have one in their house. And instead of finding a new family for the cats, he suggested that his wife move out until the child was born.

She is allergic to cats during pregnancy

The couple have known each other for seven years, have been married for four years and are expecting their first child. “I have a cat in my house that I have raised since I was a kitten and is now 16 years old. My wife and I are the only people in the neighborhood who are regular. My wife suddenly develops an allergy to cats. We are with our doctor. I talked about it, and he said it could happen sometimes. “He is explaining.

He offers to move the cat somewhere instead

This allergy causes the couple to quarrel. “My wife wants to find a new home for the cat. I don’t want to do that. She’s old. She only knows me and my wife. She only knows our house. She’s never been with other people or other animals. I think it’s for her.” It will be very stressful and it can kill him at his age. “These people explain.

The future father then describes what he thinks he has proposed “A compromise”. “We can go live with her parents (who are 10 minutes away and have no problem taking our extra room) before the birth and then, if the allergy to her or the baby continues, I can see (very carefully) my cat. For a new permanent home “He indicated that he had planned to visit the cat every day if they visited his father-in-law’s house. “My wife told me I was trained to put my cat first in her and the baby’s health. I don’t want to hurt my cat for anything that might be temporary.”He added.

“It’s not a compromise. You really shouldn’t kick your wife out when she’s 6 months pregnant, if you value your relationship.”Replies to a user who, like most members of the forum, believes that the future father is doing wrong ৷ “You are choosing your cat for your pregnant wife and future child, and you are putting unnecessary stress on her. What is your problem? She is allergic. Allergies get worse over time, but you need to reconsider your priorities before the baby arrives.”Adds another.

One person, however, saved the father: “Allergies usually get worse over time, but allergies created during pregnancy often go away after giving birth. It’s also possible that the cat had nothing to do with it and has rhinitis during her pregnancy. I understand you don’t want to get pregnant. A temporary one.” Cats under pressure to move for trouble “. Another added: “I think this is a strange solution, but I also think you are trying to find a temporary solution to a potential temporary problem. Basically you want to wear a bandage instead of amputation. […] If his wife is only temporarily allergic, finding a new home for the cat can be a nuisance, as can keeping her if the allergy persists. “

The cat died

Later, Dad added an update to his post. He says he started looking for other solutions after receiving feedback from netizens. “My brother lives a few hours away and he lived with my cat for a few years when we were little so I called him and explained the situation. He agreed to adopt her but left so he couldn’t get it. For two weeks I told my wife that We should keep the cat for less than two weeks, until my brother arrives and in the meantime he uses some medicine for allergies or goes to his parents. He gets angry and says he will not leave our house I told him that this was the best thing I could do, that I was not going to give my cat to the first person who passed by. “He said.

Other than that, when he returned home from work the next day, he could not find the cat. “I asked my wife and she told me without hesitation that she had dropped her off at an animal shelter. She said, ‘I’m pregnant and unhappy and you didn’t want her to get rid of it so I did it.”, He explains. She immediately went to the shelter and there, it was again impossible for her to find her cat. “When I showed the employee a picture of him, he started to apologize. He said they kept him with another cat but later they took a big dog, and they had to cross the cat’s cage to get to the dog’s cage. The dog jumped into my cat’s cage and He barked and barked, so my cat panicked and had a heart attack (according to him). He died. He gave me his body in a shoe box. “

“I went home with him. My wife saw him and started apologizing but I ignored him and went straight to the garden to bury him. I called my brother and told him what had happened. He started shouting on the phone to tell my wife. “My cat and I need to reconsider our relationship. I just feel numb. I haven’t said a word to my wife. I don’t think I will be able to look at it. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”, Testifies to this man. There, we have to say that we did not come to see this end. If, in the beginning, he was the one who handled the situation rather badly, it is problematic that his wife released the cat without telling him, even if it did not lead to his death.

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