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L’Usinerie: a multi-skilled center dedicated to the digital transformation of regional industrial companies.

Powered by the Grand Challan, l’Usinerie is a completely renovated Moulin de l’ancien Sucrerie Blanche, a team and organization from the Chitra Institute of Arts and Crafts Paris Tech, the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Cnam) Borgogne. Franche-Comté, and Usinerie Partners, a semi-public company responsible for bringing together all players in the local innovation ecosystem: industry companies, project leaders and young entrepreneurs, service providers, the institutional world and the academic field. It will play a dual role: supporting all types of industry entities – SMEs and ETIs, but also large groups – in their assignment of digitalization strategies and technological “bricks” of the future industry and networking of project carriers and various regional support players (local authorities, associations). Guide them also into the good behaviors and to avoid displaying some profane ones. To carry out this mission, Usinerie Partners has a team of 7 people, including 2 directors in charge of digitalisation since the beginning of 2022: Lawrence Grosselin and Frederick Crowells, each with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. These two arrivals allow Usenari to move to the “action” stage of its service offer. Known as Protée’IN *, this offer provides a targeted and comprehensive response to industry companies facing their digital transition challenges through a variety of complementary tools (digital workshops, physical or virtual events, feasibility studies or individual support through drafting). Specification, tailoring “tailor-made” training courses to the needs of entrepreneurs, animation of inter-company collaborative projects, in particular). “Enabling companies to successfully transition to Industry 4.0 creates a constant link between the economic, academic and institutional world of our region.” Grand Challan President Sebastian Martin insisted. “The whole point of setting up Usineri and creating Usineri Partners is: to meet the needs of companies, in an area like ours where there are many VSE and SME rich industrial fabrics and the team of Arts et Métiers Paris Tech of Courm in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and The complementary skills of the students, but also the complementary skills of the economic development mission of Grand Chalon, the training center of UIMM 21-71 and the complementary skills of Chalon-sur – Saon IUT, are located nearby.

In September 2022, Usinerie will host a new engineering degree in computer science, big data and artificial intelligence at the Bac + 5 level: in addition to the courses already offered by Image Institute, IUT’s Chalon-sur-Saône, UIMM and Cnam, Arts et Métiers. The course, conducted by Cnam Bourgogne-Franche-Comté in partnership with Paris Tech and UIMM 21-71 Training Center, allows Grand Challan to provide continuous training from Bac to Doctorate, giving local companies the opportunity to enter Industry 4.0 (Big Data and Cloud, Robotics, CR). Profiles of trained recruits in professions related to the technical “brick” of intelligence, virtual and augmented reality (in particular).

From Entrepreneur to Large Industry Group: L’Usinerie Partners as a Reference Negotiator

Structured and operational from June 2021, L’Usinerie Partners, thanks to a co-construction approach with all the economic players of Grand Challan, young entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as different price offers of all sizes to best meet the expectations of industrial companies. For “project leaders” and “young” companies in industry or digital technology, navigating the regional ecosystem of entrepreneurial support or innovation financing is often complicated: l’Usinerie Partners provide their advice and personalized step-by-step assistance, analyzing their projects, incubators and / or. Or to enter into new skills training in business management by finding suitable contacts according to the specialties of financial partners – business planning, RGPD etc. Managing Director of Usinerie Partners, says Yannick Mahé. As ETIs or large industry groups seek to initiate or accelerate their digital transformation, Usinerie Partners take on the same role of connecting with relevant partners, complementing support for the definition of a digitization strategy by focusing on performance and competitive development, including co-management of some projects. , Or support for fund search. In addition, Usinerie Partners offers a variety of training courses dedicated to developing company directors and executives dedicated to Industry 4.0 (Carbon Footprint, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Predictive Maintenance, etc.) and participating in inter-company. Collaborative projects centered on innovation themes, to integrate their technology clocks.

Moulin de la Sucrei Blanc: a symbolic place in the Burgundy-French-Comte and unique technical resources

Symbol of Chalonice’s art history, Moulin de la Sucrei Blanc is a matter of complete expansion and rehabilitation from the end of 2019, operated by Grand Chalon and operated by Leon Farm Vorpas Architects. Over 4000 m2Usinerie will host significantly:

  • A Living-labDesigned as a virtual prototyping space, intended for training and research for the team and students of Arts et Métiers and Cnam Bourgogne Franche Comté as it allows the implementation of virtual and augmented reality tools. This Living lab Usineri will also serve as a showcase for these technologies for member companies of Partners.
  • The “Blue Lemon” 5-sided virtual immersion chamber, property of the Institut Image d’Arts et Métiers Paris Tech: a unique device in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, typically allows 2 users to immerse simultaneously in the same virtual environment, and Many such industries form a sophisticated virtual reality simulation tool for innovation;
  • A fablabSignificantly equipped with 6 3D printers (FDM and SLA), operated by L’Usinerie Partners, aimed at professionals and dedicated to prototyping and small series production.

Unique infrastructure at the regional level By its technological resources and size, Usineri has raised an investment of 11.5 million euros, managed by Grand Chalon, supported by the state 6.4 million euros (1.8 million euros), supported by Borgogon. The French-Comte region (3 million euros), the European Union (1 million euros under the ERDF **), the DRAC Borgogne-French-Comte (€ 540,000) and the Saône-et-Loire Divisional Council (€ 78,000).

* Connect industrial companies to Share, Network, Orient, Transform, Digital

** European Regional Development Fund


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