Naval Group has inaugurated MCM Lab and Cyber ​​Lab in Brussels

The inaugural ceremony was held at the premises of Naval Group Belgium in Brussels

( – Late April, Naval Group Inaugurated MCM Lab and Cyber ​​Lab, Has built collaborative research laboratories within its subsidiary Naval Group Belgium. Labs bring together Belgian and European institutional, industrial and academic partners to develop tomorrow’s innovations In Field of mining and cyber security.

The inaugural ceremony was held at the premises of Naval Group Belgium in Brussels in the presence of Belgian Defense Minister Ludivine Dedondar, Belgian Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Michel Hoffman, Chief of Staff of the Belgian Navy, Admiral Jan de Beaum. Olivier de la Bordonaye, Naval Group Executive Director of Programs and Eric Papin, Naval Group Executive Director of Innovation.

Olivier de la Bordonaye, Executive Director of Naval Group’s program, announced on the occasion: Around the lab, institutional, industrial and academic partners work together to develop new strategic capabilities to serve Belgium’s sovereignty, and together prepare the future of the fight against mining and cybersecurity. The maritime and maritime domains. “

Eric Papin, Naval Group’s Technical and Innovation Executive Director, explained that “Naval Group has chosen to set up these labs within its Belgian subsidiary to capitalize on the rich naval industry and academic ecosystem, especially in the mining war. These two labs are important in this area.” Naval Group is the nerve center for R&D activities. Their work will enhance the information excellence of Belgium and the Allied Navy and meet their needs as closely as possible. Mission for. “

On this day, Naval Group presents the Belgian team and their Belgian partners The first joint projectEspecially in the areas of naval-cyber security, mission systems and mine countermeasures, robotics, artificial intelligence and even “acoustic prudence” …

MCM Lab and Cyber ​​Lab: Two Centers of Excellence

The MCM Lab is a key component of the industry cooperation plan associated with the Belgium-Dutch Mine Action Program (rMCM) awarded in 2019 to a consortium consisting of Belgium Naval and Robotics, Naval Group and ECA Robotics. The consortium was selected by the Belgian Navy and the Royal Netherlands Navy to assemble twelve mine countermeasures and about a hundred drones into a toolbox that would equip the ships.

One of the main objectives of the MCM Lab is to strengthen the entire Belgian ecosystem, but also the European Mine Action Ecosystem. Naval Group brings together a variety of industrialists and academics federated around Belgium, and MCM Lab’s ambition is to become a European reference center for research and development in mining action.

MCM Labs Naval Group, Naval Group Belgium, ECA Robotics, ECA Robotics Belgium, ABC (Anglo Belgian Corporation), DotWash, Space Application Services, Ghent University, Free University of Brussels, Flanders Marine Institute, V. National Sciences (RBINS) and the Royal Military Academy (RMA).

Sophisticated arrangements

Cyber ​​Lab teams focus on the development of naval application cyber security technology, Especially for ship systems, drones and coastal infrastructure. Progress work is particularly involved, with Naval Group cyber experts, as well as Belgian and European partners such as NVISO.

Cyber ​​Lab is a center of excellence specialized in implementing cyber security measures designed to facilitate the rMCM program but also a key driver of technology and solution development in Europe’s maritime and maritime sectors. The future cyber command of the Belgian defense will follow this evolution to integrate technologies into defense whenever possible …

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