NovaKid is revolutionizing children’s learning English

What is NovaKid?

Novakid A platform Adtech Online for young studentsEnglish as a second language (ESL), which provides a fun, engaging and effective learning experience. Its goal is to revolutionize the way older children learn English From 4 to 12 years old Thanks to the complete linguistic immersion worldwide, the benefits of a personalized educational approach with certified teachers and a digital platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR).

Founded in the United States, the company has students in more than 40 countries, focusing on Europe and the Mena region, with a significant customer base in Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Arab countries and Russia. NovaKid was named one of the 50 emerging EdTech companies to visit in 2021 Organization.

Why was NovaKid created?

The epidemic has revealed the undeniable benefits of digital education, such as flexibility and the freedom to acquire knowledge at one’s own pace. Reliance on the online AdTech platform has increased, which has boosted the growth of the industry and ensured demand from a long-term perspective. Digital language courses and platforms have become more than 1.7 billion English collaborators to speak and write fluently and fluently for second language learning, despite the closure of covid-related schools. As a result, distant career opportunities have opened up for language teachers.

In 2021, the global education technology market has reached $ 268 billion and is expected to reach $ 404 billion by 2025. Investors and analysts agree that the dynamic growth of EdTech is a long-term trend. The language learning segment is responsible for 21% of the global EdTech market and is projected to grow significantly.

The founders of Novakid expected the trend long before the current EdTech boom, thanks to their own experience. Already in 2017, when the company’s current CEO Max Azarev was trying unsuccessfully to find a qualified native speaker teacher for his son, he saw business opportunities in the absence of a fun, engaging and convenient study platform. Children from afar.

Together with Amy Krolevetskaya, her son’s English teacher, and Dmitry Malin, a former colleague in the IT sector, Max decided to launch the first edition of an online elementary school. It all started with an MVP that a decentralized team of engineers was formed in 3 months in Krakow (Poland) and Nizhny Novgorod (Russia).

Novakid growth

The first customers were the children of Novakid employees, and the company now supports more than 380,000 students through 3 million online courses. In 2021, the growth rate of its active customer base reached around 700% year on year, monthly growth reached 14.8% and customer satisfaction rate on the platform was 4.6 out of 5. According to TrustPilot.

Since 2017, the online school has raised $ 41.5 million in total funding and has expanded to more than 40 countries.

Novakid customer service

Novakid employees are creative people who often come up with brilliant ideas. For example, they decided to introduce the principles of the game “Le Pendu” in an interactive lesson program. It was funny, but when some parents were concerned about the executioner scene, the team immediately replaced it with another character from the famous game “Hungry Caterpillar”, who eats apples.

Novakid’s mission

The company’s goal is to enable children to become global citizens from an early age, using the English language as a tool for future networking, career building and potential transfers.

Max Azarev is convinced that a world where children use English as a common language for communication and exchange ideas is more peaceful and more civilized. Inspired by this idea, in April 2021, the company launched the digital campaign #KidsTalkFuture, inviting children from different countries to see how they can see a happier future for our planet and how they can connect despite being far apart.

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