Spain’s first Pokémon GO catches our attention with the atmosphere of the Safari Zone and the exclusive prize.

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Paris, May 19 (Ediziones / Benin Actu) –

Last week, from 13 to 15 May, Seville hosted the first edition Safari area Of Pokemon Go The year, which is the first in the history of Spain and where thousands of players from different parts of the world came together.

Pokemon Geo is an augmented reality game published by Pokemon Go Development Studio. Niantic Labs For mobile phones, which arrived in July 2016.

After being affected by Covid-19Developers are once again embarking on a journey to bring together massive events to bring thousands of users together.

The first city selected by Pokémon GO this year was Seville (Spain). In particular, Alamilo Park in the Andalusian city.

In Benin Actu, we had the opportunity to attend this meeting between game fans and admirers, to test the scaffolding of an event that, among other benefits, promised exclusive prizes.

The first thing we saw when we arrived at Del Alamillo in Seville Park was an arch to welcome the Pokemon Geo trainers, where members of the organization were also present to distribute visas. PikachuThe most iconic creature in the franchise, to newcomers.

Throughout the venue, users had access to various maps of the safari zone, where some of the most relevant first-gen music tracks from the franchise were played repeatedly. This is an overly repetitive soundtrack.

There were several throughout the park PokestopsWhere players can sit and simultaneously charge their mobile devices, as they also act as charging stations with all kinds of connectors.

It was also with Pokemon Geo trainers. War zone. A total of six zones have been identified for this. In fact, the public address system announces the start of this conflict.

Despite the hype, these fights were not very popular among the players in our time.

The presence rate of shiny Pokemon is very low.

For those who prefer to capture rather than fight, Pokémon GO promises the possibility of getting their hands on these few creatures in this safari zone of Seville, some of them … Glossy version (Bright).

One of the current variations was the Pikachu, which is similar to the safari hat. Although there are over 20 Pokemon available, Some spawn rates There were very few, which is why many players were disappointed in this effort.

There was also a gym in Seville’s Pokemon Geo Safari Zone, Due to the huge number of users there It was hard to find a place to enjoy them.

EEVEE and Pikachu, exceptional host

Pokémon GO and its Safari Zone also had social media in mind. In this sense, participants had several points to take a picture.

On the one hand playing with such team leaders. Candela, Spark and Blanche. On the other hand, Professor WillowWho has acted as a mentor to his opponents in other titles of the story.

Pokemon Geo players were also able to take pictures An inflatable Snorlax Standing in the middle of the forest in his most iconic posture, as well as Pikachu and one Eve Plush and large size.

The two animals roamed in a tent in Alamilo Park and the row to pose with them was virtually non-existent.

Merchandising, very focused on the first generation.

Where it was crowded was in the Pokemon Geo Merchandising tent. Since there was a possibility to buy an “Early Bird” ticket, which allowed one hour earlier, at 9:00 am, 10:00 am to enter the place, there were already several people waiting to enter the premises.

The shopping experience was also not ideal, as the dataphone broke down and a series of personal and banking data had to be entered into a tablet to buy a product in the store.

Once there, we had a choice of collectibles like Pikachu, EV, Bulbasur, Squirtle There CharmanderAs well as themed wallets with the famous Pokবলball and an exclusive Safari Zone T-shirt.

Some employees of the company distribute free merchandise around the place, such as stickers of the legendary Pokemon. Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno.

The latter also gives players keychains from the franchise, reminiscent of some of the franchise’s first-generation featured animals.

Food and water available for trainers

A small train crossed the park to take players from one side of the field to the other for speeding.

Also, those of us who took part in the safari zone also had different drinking water points and different Food truck Scattered along the central corridor.

From simple pizza slices to Mexican burritos and even. “BurimakiThe Mexican omelette was mixed with a roll of Japanese nari seaweed.

However, those of us who attended the event missed other options, such as ice cream or a refreshment stand, to cope with the 35+ degree temperature in the park on the opening day of the event.

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