Suffering from Parkinson’s disease, he will cross France by bike to Perpignan

Frédéric Bellanger will cover more than 1200km in less than 100 hours. A real feat. (© DR)

Frederick Belanzer Commands respect. Arrived Parkinson’s disease For 12 years, this resident Pass-de-Calais Real medicine has been found in sports. He will start his journey in a few days New challenges Out of the ordinary: Exceed France By bike, in just a few days. This is his arrival Perpignan Is scheduled for Sunday June 5.

Parkinson’s disease for 12 years

A Source of inspiration, A Example : Frederick Belanzer is one of the people we see Praise. The 54-year-old from northern France has been battling Parkinson’s disease for 12 years now.

Faced with the biggest challenge of his life, he found a key ally: Game. Its on the point of being a true ambassador “Playing sports”, She likes to remember. After a long two-year injury, when his illness was announced, Frederick regained control thanks to the sport he had practiced as a child.

Sports-loving ambassador

The former French gymnastics champion is in search New adventures Sometimes a daunting challenge, such as in 2017, when he paddled for his home coach Six days And Six nights Without interruption. “Through this challenge, I want to prove the usefulness of sports in the treatment of chronic diseases. I also want the sick to be recognized so that they are not considered waste “, the latter admits. Perpignan news.

For Frederick Belanzer, sport is paramount Essential care Against Parkinson’s disease. “It’s best to help me,” he added:

We all know this from physical benefits to mental, psychological effects. When you are sick, you are isolated. Sport has allowed me to break this isolation, I have met a lot of people. I have been active in the society. I know other people my age who have Parkinson’s. Unfortunately, I noticed that the disease was much more advanced in them.

Frederick Belanzer

Neurostimulated after an operation, its vibrations disappear

Recently, Frederick agreed to surgery and resort Neurostimulation Today, discharge constantly stimulates his neurons, which allows him to keep a large part of his motor skills. “My vibration is gone, it’s over”, She laughed.

And for the first time since the intervention, Frederick Belanzer is about to take on a big new challenge: traveling, Per Bicycle, 1233 kilometers, Across France. All Less than a hundred hoursOf May 28 to June 5. In this way he will become the first neurostimulated patient in France to achieve this feat.

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Boulogne-sur-Mer-Perpignan: A challenge for the benefit of sick children

An adventure that he will handle, like his every challenge, for a good cause. For a week, Frederick will ride Association “A child in the sky”Which allows the sick and / or hospitalized, or those whose parents are seriously ill to fly in an airplane or helicopter.

Inside Five steps (Details below), Frederick Belanzer will associate Perpignan with Bolon-sur-May. His arrival Eastern Pyrenees This should be done Aime-Giral Stadium, On occasion The last day In the French Rugby Championship, Usap And Bordeaux-Beagles.

5 steps to the Frederick Belanzer challenge

– Boulogne sur Mer in Elboeuf (Seine-Maritime)
– Elbeuf at Saint-Martin-les-Melle (Dukes-Severs)
– Saint-Martin-les-Melle in Marguerনেn (Gironde)
– Carcassonne Marguerনn (Odd)
– Carcassonne to Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientale)


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