Alloprof improves its services for artificial intelligence

After a two-year absence due to COVID-19, the ministerial exams in primary and high schools have returned this year. True to form, Alloprof integrates new features related to artificial intelligence into its web platform, further enhancing its resources to support academic success.

“Assessment can be a source of stress for young people and their parents, especially after the last two school years have been disrupted by Covid. Alloprof is always there to support them, especially interactive recovery, mini-kops and over 700 online exercises to encourage kids to rethink ideas that are not understood upstream.As Anne Harvey explains, Alloprof’s columnist 7

A quick, personalized experience for students

Just in time for the final sprint of the year, Alloprof has improved some of its tools with artificial intelligence (AI) to help young people overcome their difficulties more quickly. As part of its association with the Montreal Institute for Data Valuation, Alloprof was able to conduct two AI projects with a team of university students. The first, set up with Polytechnic, is a recommendation engine that automatically provides explanations related to the questions asked by students in Zone D’Antroid. The purpose of this feature is to expedite the resolution of problems encountered by the student, which is a particularly significant benefit during intensive review.

The second AI project, created with the help of École de technologie supérieure, is a voice synthesizer that “reads” aloud educational resources from the Alloprof site, especially for young people who have difficulty reading or who want to learn otherwise.

“Quebec has a lot of leading players in high technology, especially in AI We are incredibly fortunate to work with these people to enhance our ability to support learning solutions. With their contribution, Alloprof has the greatest ambition for the success of our students!6, Alloproff spokesman Mark-Antoine rejoices in Tangua.

“Towards the end of the school year, which is returning to normalcy, it is imperative for our government to put in place all possible means to help Quebec students live better exam periods. Alloprof was a key player during the epidemic, developing a variety of innovative ways to promote academic success. We are pleased to support the development of new resource and functionality for the organization, which is in line with the unprecedented digital transformation of the Ministry of Education and the school network for the next few years. We want to encourage them to take advantage of the latest technology to help students with academic difficulties. “Quebec’s education minister, Jean-Franসois Rubberg, added.

Diverse and adaptive equipment

Alloprof offers students various tips for a successful study session and reminds them that their team of teachers is available to answer academic questions by text, chat or phone from Monday to Thursday from 5pm to 8pm and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm. It is also possible to ask questions seven days a week at the Zone D’Antroid collaborative space. Not to forget that the site offers a level and topic correction directory, with over 700 exercises as well as several videos called MiniRécups that allow you to review the material in 30 minutes. Finally, Alloprof’s cyberrevisions go a little deeper and cover the elements planned for the ministry’s main test.

The Alloproof Parents section also offers parents a file to help their children during the year-end exams. There is a complete calendar of ministerial level exams by level and subject, with tools like mind maps and timelines to better handle stress reduction activities, plan study resources and information.

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