Bern Sarkar: Sebastian Lacernu becomes Essential Minister for Emanuel Macron in Armed Forces

Sébastien Lecornu was one of the pillars of Jean Castex’s government and a heavyweight of Emanuel Macron’s political system. In Elizabeth Bourne’s first government, she remained more than ever. Ecological Transition (2017-2018) Secretary of State, Minister of Territorial Communities (2018-2020) then Minister of Foreign Territories, he became Minister of the Armed Forces where he replaced Florence Parley.

A form of sanctity for this “Fana Milli”, the reserve colonel in Gendarmerie, who had long dreamed of this ministry.

Sébastien Lecornu and a man who has politics in his blood and who shows up at about 36 years old – he will get them June 11 – already have a rich career. Prior to entering government in 2017, Bruno Le Mayer, a parliamentary assistant at the age of 19, was a ministerial adviser at the age of 22; The son of a 30-year-old Snecma technician and a housewife had a political CV dating back more than a decade.

Organizer of the great debate in 2019

Like Gerald Dermanin or Bruno Le Mayer, Sebastian Lacernu was one of the right-wing figures – he was a member of the Republicans – who joined the government party in 2017 after the appointment of Edward Philippe in Matigan. Very quickly, he became essential to Emanuel Macron. His knowledge of the field and the elected officials is invaluable to a president who lacks support at the beginning of his term, for which he will pay the price in times of “yellow vest” crisis. His network on the right is conducive to a president who has spent his five-year term weakening the LRK.

In early 2019, at the height of the crisis, Sébastien Lecornu was commissioned by Emanuel Macron to organize and coordinate the great national debate, which would take the President of the Republic across the country. For the first debate, Sébastien Lecornu chooses a meeting with his department, Eure, and elected officials he knows well. In Grand-Bourgtheroulde, facing 600 mayors and local elected officials, he played the role of facilitator, and Emmanuel Macron succeeded in his first major oral (seven hours). In particular, he will benefit from a field carefully prepared by his minister, who has become a man of difficult missions.

Still candidates, still elected

The bulimia of his election, all won, never weakened. In March 2020, Sebastian Lekernu was re-elected to the Vernon Municipal Council before joining the Senate in September 2020. The positions he will not hold were affected by the submission of the mandate. On the other hand, in March 2021, he was re-elected to the EU Department and Emanuel Macron gave him the possibility to combine this order with the functions of his ministry, contrary to the rules laid down by Lionel Jospin in 1997. A rare privilege, many have been noticed in Macron.

Meanwhile, in July 2020, Sébastien Lecornu was appointed Foreign Minister in the Castex government. A sensitive position where he had to handle several crises. However, success without being at the reunion. In the second round of the presidential election, Marine Le Pen topped Guadeloupe (70% of the vote), Martinique (61%), Guyana (61%), Mayotte (60%) and Reunion. (60%)… And the crisis is worse than before.

Build an army

Its relay role with elected officials, however, is invaluable in the context of Emanuel Macron’s campaign for re-election. Since the fall of 2021, he has activated his networks on behalf of the outgoing president. His name has been rumored to be the campaign manager, but, in the end, Emanuel Macron will not name one. In fact, the campaign manager was at Elysee, in the person of Secretary-General Alexis Kohler.

When the war returned to Europe, he became Minister of the Armed Forces. Its roadmap is clear: continue to build the military, especially through the Military Programming Act (LPM) in a context where painful budget choices have to be made, as recently recalled by court auditors. The military budget, the country’s second after national education, should reach 2% of GDP by 2025, Emmanuel Macron took part in the campaign to honor the ambitious objectives of the programming law (over 3 billion euros per year for three years).

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