Emily (married at first sight) blonde and divorced, her first marriage and her ex revelations (photos)

Emily, the candidate of the famous program “Married at First Sight”, is going to marry Frederick. On Monday, April 4, the audience took their first meeting with curiosity. However, fans will be able to find out on Monday, April 11, whether the prospective future husbands have agreed to reunite.

While waiting for this next episode, the young woman is very active on social networks. Very close to her clients, she does not hesitate to discuss her personal life with them. Starts with her sensitive situation before taking part in the show. Eager to answer all the questions of her fans, she revealed that she is married for the first time. This confidence has aroused the curiosity of his fans. And it is in all this clarity that Emily recounts this great love story.

“Married at first sight”: A candidate is already married, then divorced

Emily appeared on the “Married at First Sight” program on March 28th The beautiful brunette, 34, is a real estate negotiator. Experts chose to introduce him to 40-year-old real estate agent Frederick. The probable pair has 84% ​​compatibility.

During her first appearance on the show, viewers did not know that the young woman was already married. This adventure is not the first for him to survive. Very present on social networks, the mother of this 1-year-old girl revealed her romantic past on April 7 in her Instagram story. “J.I show you photos of my dress and hairstyle from my first wedding. Attention, eleven years ago I was blonde! A New amazing revelation: Beautiful brunette ate a blonde money during her first marriage!

Emily posted pictures of her first wedding

That’s when her subscribers discovered a photo of her wearing a wedding dress that had nothing to do with the photo she wore in the “First Look Married” movie. For her possible reunion with Frederick, the beauty chose a dress with a tulle skirt and a corset. At her first wedding, 11 years ago, she chose a strapless dress decorated with frills and white gloves.

Hairstyles are also different. Working specifically, her first union that formed a half-bun accompanied by beautiful curls and, above all, highlighted by beautiful blonde hair. In Gibraltar, her hair is brown, curls are still there, but her long hair is all over her back. For Tear, this is an integral part of her two makeovers.

The image he has offered to his clients represents his solitude and brilliance in the French capital. The following post also features her first husband, whose face she has taken care to hide with a heart-shaped emoji. He is seen alone again in the last photo, but this time looking out the window from behind.

The young woman also told the story of her first love

Eager to learn more about this love story, fans of the “married at first sight” candidate asked her many questions. That’s how we came to know that her ex-husband is a man. ” Exceptional With values ​​and principles “. Crossed their path at the age of 16. ” She was my first love. We were together for nine years. But our cultural differences were very strong and above all, I did not feel him then. Fearing happiness, I ruined the relationship. It was obviously me who made the noise. And it’s too late when I try to bring it back. “Emily explains.

To satisfy the curiosity of her fans, the young mother has taken initiative to release a video which will give more details. She added about her ex-husband: ” I think Lina would be sad to know what happened to me because when we were separated, she told me to choose a good man to start my family. A In fact, her daughter’s father left her when she was four months pregnant. Emily mentioned that she left when an ultrasound revealed the possibility of a disease affecting their baby. Fortunately, this did not happen, Lina was born in perfect health.

Today, the young woman hopes to find love and happiness for the “Married at First Sight” program!

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