For Navigator Quito de Pavant, “Astronauts and Scientists Are New Discoverers”

Port-au-Prince navigator Quito de Pavant is taking part in the “Better inhabit the Earth” festival in Cité de l’Espace this weekend. Opportunity for sailors, committed to restoring the forest, to discuss with the public the tools to save the planet.

Rare is a sailor in Cité de l’Espace! What brings you closer to astronauts?

Centuries ago, sailors were inventors, they outlined the earth; Astronauts and scientists took charge. They replaced sailors in the discovery of another world. Science has improved us, but what to do with so much knowledge? What do we do with the fact that this planet is decaying so fast? Copernicus, which we are going to talk about in Cité de l’espace, is one of the world observation programs that makes it possible to see.

Those of you who have crossed the seas of the earth, when do you become aware of the degradation of our environment?

It is rather on the ground we realize, life at sea is wild. When you come out of an adventure like Wendy’s Globe, you feel that nature still has all its rights and that everything is going badly with the human population. Let’s talk about the forest, one thing close to my heart (Quito de Pavant supports “Refresh Action”, note the editor): We see how much we use everything on the planet without worrying about the follow-up and consequences of our actions. We realized, a few centuries ago, the rush of gold, soon, not too soon, I hope, that we would have crowds of water and air, which would be the two most important resources …

Does the use of science allow us to be optimistic?

We have an incredible knowledge of our environment and its degradation, we also have the tools, but we need to see how the population can find a solution to maintain what is still possible.

Space also has its own paradox, it’s corrupt …

Everyone has a strong environmental impact. We must consider the difference between knowledge and the development of this knowledge. We need places but there is no delusion of tourism or pollution.

How do sailors engage in reflection?

This discussion exists among sailors, many riders are involved in many matters. Sailors have become aware that we are walking on our heads and we are going straight to the wall. We attribute many of our qualities to our discipline, and it is true that it is better to cross the sea by the force of the wind, but we also make boats with very harmful resins, we use a lot of raw materials which become rare … we can change the rules, Take an old boat or recycling boat around the world, but it won’t be long and fast enough.

Can we navigate without satellite?

Yes, since we’ve been doing it for centuries! But it is also very difficult to go back, the satellites clearly help us in our own position. Today, young sailors no longer use sextants, they no longer know, they press the button of the satellite positioning system and it is enough for them.

What will be your next adventure?

I am preparing the Route Do Room which will start in November 2022. This will be my fourth. This race turned into a childhood dream for me and I had to wait until I was 50 to take part in it … so I missed a few! But despair is a driving force, for sailors as well as scientists working in space!

The City of L’Ospace in Toulouse celebrates the “better life on earth.”

Cité de l’espace 2 is hosting this Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May 2022, from 10am to 6pmAnd Festival version of “Better inhabit the Earth”. Admission included in the entrance ticket.

Meeting with Quito de Pavant on Saturday, May 21, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Kito de Pavant made its maiden voyage across the Atlantic in 1981, in Port-au-Prince, in the Mediterranean. His victory at the Solitaire du Figaro in 2002 opened the door to the first, most prestigious race in a long series around the world: Transat Jacques Vabre, Transat AG2R, Route du Rhum (he finished 3rd in 2014), Solitaire du Figaro … in 2020, He decided to add an environmental dimension to his “Made in Midi” project by raising sails to raise public awareness about global forest conservation and restoration, committed to Mediterranean and refreshing action.
Free, upon registration. and telephone information: 05 67 22 23 24

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