“It’s running” instead of a colleague in Sole.

Michael Menot, who managed the co-location in the Soul Activity Zone, had to leave shared offices with other entrepreneurs.

This space, with a focus on digital activity, was created in August 2016 (see article March 7, 2022). Office sharing among freelancers, to pool costs, has gradually turned into an economic development project for the Hout-Bigo region: it was a question of providing only telecom workers, offices, quality IT, along with business builders and freelancers. Equipment and long-term support.

The project for economic development was presented twice to the president and vice-president of CCHB and the second time was undoubtedly correct as discussions have started to establish the feasibility of this project in the old building of NSTO management. Michael then hired 2 students from the Tarbes School of Management and Commerce at his own expense to find a company as part of their undergraduate project. Over the course of 3 months, based on a work-study, they have developed a business plan, an impact study, a website and a public information meeting that will be held in each village of Hout-Bigor. One week before the first of these meetings, the economic development officer had to decide to announce to Michael that these meetings would not take place.

And then a year later, CCHB began studying the feasibility of a business-based third-place installation project. So it is a consultancy company, specializing in peer-to-peer locations, which conquers the market and reproduces a study for which it has already been consulted at Pace des Nestes: It has nominated me and my occupied offices as the most suitable place to welcome and manage this third place. “

This study has never been made public and a good year has passed without anything happening. Then, on March 8, 2022, a meeting was held on Michael’s premises in the presence of CCHB President Jack Brun, Economic Development Manager, and a few local self-employed and telecom workers. The third place project dedicated to business is outlined by CCHB; The terms of use as well as the future rehabilitation workplace are unhealthy: “Every question we asked, we always answered,” Everything is open for discussion “and then suddenly, on April 25, 2022, Michaël and other users received a registered letter with AR. This is an agreement that must take effect on May 1, 2022, informing them that they will be able to continue their activities under any circumstances, and that the place, as managed by the occupiers, has actually been taken over by CCHB. It is surprising and frustrating: The only way to protect yourself is to reveal the truth. I exchanged all emails with CCHB via email. My frustration is that this project was presented to Deputy Sempastas 3 years ago and only gained a decent hearing without the slightest follow-up. However, the entrepreneur’s only ambition was to promote the area he fell in love with several years ago, and to bring activity there because of its attractiveness.

Despite everything, optimism prevails: “The creators of this project and others, activities and works will be done elsewhere”.

The fight also exists: “Of course there are other people who have faced similar situations in the community of Hout-Bigor, and who can contact me. Together, we will undoubtedly be able to weigh in for better listening and more respect. From this community “

For his part, Jack Bruin claimed that he had tried to find a solution with the person concerned: “There was no agreement between Michael and CCHB. We will take responsibility, especially the charges, and then we will sign the contract with the occupants. They will be given priority to consolidate the former offices of Obtala. We offer the same conditions. Since April of last year, we have budgeted for the new premises, under the same financial conditions, I have kept it. I met Michael, I have no problem with him. I was ready to negotiate with him, we gave him special terms on rent and since he got used to it he could continue to manage different participants.

There will be a nice co-op accessible place for those of us who want to telecommute. “

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