Jubilee case. After a year in prison, Cedric Jubiler plays (too) big: why here it is

If Cedric Jubilee leaves prison with his business bag on his shoulder, mIs Alexander Martin, Jean-Baptiste Alari and Emanuel Frank will get one point. They know that they will play a big role in the independence of the judiciary in Toulouse (© Laurent Darn / Actu Toulouse)

Is that hers Last chance Get out of jail before a fictitious murder trial? On their overload agenda, lawyers Cedric Jubilee The first days of June 2022 are marked in red.

Although the date is not yet officially known, Toulouse Courthouse will be in this fortnight. Hearing to extend his pre-trial detention In front of the judge of freedom. An appointment from which all prisoners are awaiting trial, after spending a year behind bars (Cedric Jubiler was arrested on June 18, 2021, editor’s note).

The bets are high

Nowadays, M.Is Alexander Martin, Emanuel Frank And Gene-Baptist Allergy The detainees filed five petitions for the release of their client Killed his wife (Which he denies). Five times, the freedom and detention judge rejected their appeal. Four times they appealed. And four times, the investigating chamber dismissed them, citing detailed reasons for their final decision.

If the defense is so strong, endless hammering on the pressed microphones that “investigation file is empty” In the absence of the body Nurse’s Or confession Suspicious that the bet is high. If at the end of the investigation does gendermass SR of ToulouseCedric Jubilee is returned to Turn’s assistant for murder by his wife – a Crimes punishable by life imprisonment – Presence as a free man will have a strong effect on the judges.

Vigua has been acquitted twice

According to its lawyers, pre-trial detention Signs of notoriety. An accused who presents himself unhindered This increases the chances of his being acquitted. The two iconic Toulouse cases of recent years – the homicide that the defendants denied in the absence of a body – could explain this self-evident.

The first concern Jack Viguier. In 2000, this Toulouse University Professor of Law Sussex is suspected to have killed his wife Susie in a background of mutual distrust of a flowing couple. He was released after ten months of pre-trial detention Redemption In the first place. An appeal was then made to Albie. M.And Martin failed to draw parallels between Jubilee affair and Vigua affair, last March Scream for class judgment After a new denial of his request: “It’s better to be a law professor than to get out of prison”, he forced the line. Cartoonish?

“Even if he looks like a jerk …”

Jack Viguier’s primary lawyer (who is M.A.And Dupund-Moretti, editor’s note on appeal), M.And George Catala Easily admits it, with Outspoken Which identifies the penalist with Leonin Mann:

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“It simply came to our notice then [pour le jury] To have [arriver] A free man, more than a prisoner, in front of the Assassination Court. That is undeniable. Especially when the accused killed his wife … “

Mr. Georges CatalaToulouse bar lawyer, defender of Jack Vigui

But every file has its truth. “Jack Viguer Hall Released ten months later Remand and we Pass assizes after ten years. In your interest, Justice was still very embarrassed. Evidence did not fight to overwhelm Viguier. If we draw a parallel to the subject of Jubilee, there is no objective reason to say that this father, Even if he has a silly face (sic), guilty of something, “said the criminal lawyer who once rubbed M’s shoulder.And Martin in his cabinet.

Mr. Georges Catala (right), with his partner Mr. Laurent Boguet, the lawyer of the younger Louis Jubilee
Mr. Georges Catala (right), with his partner Mr. Laurent Boguet, the lawyer of the younger Louis Jubilee (© DR)

“An open sex system”

He went further, about Strategic Martin-Frank-Alari trio. Their responsibility as lawyers is to try to get him out quickly. These are people I know, who have talents and who Knows how to fight. The fact that there are no corpses opens the door to much speculation, suggesting that when the presumed victim does not return even after six months or a year, We can imagine that he is dead. But I don’t think you can stick to someone for 15, 20 or 30 years without proof.

“This guy (Cedric Jubilee) is alone against an undisclosed gender that doesn’t want to lose. He is right to do his job. But he found nothing [pour l’heure] He is the one who can establish for sure. And before the Assess Court, the suspicion will certainly benefit the accused. The fact that he was present at the time of his release could be a catalyst for redemption. “

Mr. Georges Catala

Jehano case

Guericke Jehano Didn’t benefit from this increase. Accused of kidnapping, rape and murderAmandine AstraboudTurn, in 2013, this Construction craftsman Appeared at assises during detention. And he was Sentenced twiceFirst in Albie, then in Toulouse for appeal, in 2021, at 30 years imprisonment.

His lawyer, M.And Simon Cohen, He doesn’t get angry when he puts the two cases in perspective. “The hype is for Jubilee, thatOne would think that his lawyer is not a kind of director. This hype never existed for Jehanno, though much less than the accusation against him [le plaquiste]. His suffix is ​​a stigma! “

“Not important”

Let’s re-focus the debate … “The really good question is: can we detain someone if there really are no complaints? And if not [un avocat] Claim there is no filler. Legally in France, the answer is no, “said Slice M.And Cohen. Who expresses his feelings:

“Is it better to appear freely? With the evolution of pre-trial detention rules, the excise courts try more cases where these cases occur. But I don’t believe there is any real impact. There are many examples of defendants. And many examples of defendants who have acquitted themselves and those who have been convicted. From experience, this is not significant. ”

Mr. Simon CohenToulouse bar lawyer, defender of Guericke Jehano

Psychological effects

Was Jack Viguera partially released because he was not trapped? That was hers Its existence continues, Go back to work? In short, in spite of having the sword of his future judgment on everyone’s head supporting Mr. Clothing and life?

“If the accused behaves well [lorsqu’il est remis en liberté provisoire]That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “And Catalan. “It makes him human”Confirms a source of itToulouse News. But in this particular case, m.And Cohen believes that “theUnconditional support of children [du professeur de droit]Who supported Bite That their father was innocent “had more effect than showing off.

Pre-trial detention, maximum till when?

Under European law, an accused must be tried “within a reasonable time.” This legal concept (relatively vague) pursues one goal: to prevent detainees from being held behind bars during extended investigations without trial. France is regularly condemned in this area by the European Court of Human Rights.

In the case of Cédric Jubillar, at the end of the one-year legal term, the independence judge was arrested by his colleagues on the orders of an extension. If pre-trial detention is valid again, it will be reviewed every six months. Even before this, plaster lawyers have been making such requests regularly. Occupation without too many results so far – can’t be called exclusive – media space. No criminal lawyer should be neglected before facing the court grounds.

“It simply came to our notice then [le fait de se présenter libre] There may be one Psychological effects on judges Those who are less experienced than the professionals of justice, in essence, in the mysteries of justice “, our source estimates.

During the excavation near the Jubilee Pavilion, in January 2022, Gendermes of SR, Toulouse, in search of Delphine's body.
Tulus SR’s Gendarmes searches for Delphine’s body on January 17, 2022, while excavating near the Jubilee Pavilion. (© Laurent Darn / Actu Toulouse)

At the foot of the tree are spectacles, cries of terror and a scene of violence

And so it is with enthusiasm Be aware of the problemC আইনজীবীরাdric Jubillar’s lawyers will rely on him orally Potential effects of releaseOn the common people, in this Highly publicized case. If he does come out, their argument is ready for assay: “Justice can never take the risk of freeing a criminal.” If he stays in prison, he will remain “criminal innocent.”

For the time being, there is no expected effectiveness against their argument “A bundle of serious and consistent formulas” That points to the drywall. Let us inspire, pell-mell, Delphine’s glasses are broken On the eve of Delphine’s disappearance a “Violent Episodes”, According to experts who have analyzed them; The “Cry of fear” Heard by Neighbors of the Jubilees, Shortly after 11 p.m. The “At the foot of the tree” is a scene of violence between her parentsNarrated by the younger Louis Jubilee.

Play chess

But there is also the desire to hunt Leave her husband For other men; The Threats made by plaster In the weeks leading up to his wife’s disappearance, in front of several witnesses against Delphine; Episode of Assumed confession To his cell neighbor, The famous MarcoIn an isolated area of ​​the Cessis Remand Center.

But in the absence of a corpse and a “proven” crime scene, d Play chess No doubt the family and friends of the deceased, for whom the ordeal did not seem to end, are extremely annoying …

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