Re-industrialization: Less than the average unemployment rate in Grand Challan

With the unemployment rate lower than the national average, the Grand Challenge confirms the industry as a pillar of its economic development strategy.

According to the latest data from the International Labor Office, the unemployment rate in the employment area of ​​Chalon-sur-Saon is 6.4%. I national average, which is 7.4%. Significant decline in Chalonice in one year (6.9% in the last quarter of 2020). This decline is supported by the dynamics of industrial employment creation observed in areas of the larger Chalon Agglomeration community (Saône-et-Loire, 118,000 inhabitants). As of the 4th quarter of 2021, there were 9,928 salaried jobs in the industry in the current employment area. This is 2.5% more in 1 year. Thus it represents 25% of the total salaried employment in the Chalon sur Saône basin.

110 hectares have been created to provide attractive solutions to industrial companies

In May 2021 and then in March 2022, the Grand Challan, the “zone of industry”, was the subject of a decision to establish two large industrial companies. First, the Spanish agri-food leaders Vicky Foods, and Maroquineri Thomas. The latter is a manufacturer for the biggest names in the luxury industry. These two projects could represent, in the next 5 years, to create 450 potential jobs. Since 2015, Grand Chalon has had an economic development strategy designed for players in the industry of the future. So the main axis is the development aimed at welcoming the new economic activities of the SaôneOr land reserve. The latter consolidated land previously owned by Kodak. Kodak, the region’s first employer until the 2005 shutdown, was labeled a “turnkey industrial site” in July 2020.

Led by Grand Challan, the project aims to increase the attractive potential of this business area. Which represents the largest available land on the Paris-Lyon axis.

“We have chosen a stage of Saon development. Two consecutive stages of gold, one for the period 2015-2020, the second for 2020-2025.Precise Sebastian MartinPresident of Grand Challan.

“By the end of 2018, the first phase plots are already almost completely sold, to local industry and logistics firms who are willing to establish a new position to support their growth, but Outside organizations, who have come to believe in Grand Challan’s volunteerism, are trying to keep future actors in the best position to develop their careers. He added.

Following the decision, in 2017, Logistian Alainé chose Grand Chalon to set up a new manufacturing site at SaôneOr in 2018 to accommodate 120 workers, with plastic processor SGT aiming to create 40 jobs with the aim of creating a new platform at SaôneOr. . . This represents an investment of 28 million euros by the company, marking the first industrial establishment in Chalonice since 1998.

“We are in contact with two companies to set up their new factories in the region, and many local SMEs and ETIs are contacting Grand Chalon’s economic development mission to share their development projects and employment. Towards the end of 2021, Grand Challan purchased the industrial waste previously occupied by Nordéon-Marvell Glass. The Agglomeration, this year, will be responsible for the complete rehabilitation of 7 hectares of this land, so that these different actors can quickly offer it. 6, complete Martin GrenierGrand Chalon Economic Development Mission Director.

Factory : A space-resource Dedicated to supporting economic players towards future industries

To enable companies in the “historic” local industry (metallurgy, nuclear, agro-food, electronics, construction materials manufacturing, etc.) to successfully transform into Industry 4.0 and thus strengthen their competitiveness sustainably, Grand Challan also began to be created. Of L’Usineri. From September 2022, this regional hub dedicated to the digital transformation of industrial companies will move to its new premises within the Moulin de l’Ansien Sucrei Blanc. The next is the Quai Saint-Cosme in Chalon-sur-Saône, whose complete rehabilitation will be completed next June. The center is also supported by the states, the Borgogne-Fran -ois-Comte region and the Saon-et-Lower division.

Over 4,000 m2, L’Usinerie will bring together key player teams and resources for training, innovation, higher education, business consulting and entrepreneurial support in the region: Chalon-sur-Saône, the Arts and Crafts National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM). ) Borgogne-French-Comte and finally L’Ussineri Partners.

This semi-public company, active since June 2021, is responsible for supporting business leaders and project leaders through a wide range of services. The offer includes digital workshops, individual support and inter-company collaboration projects on issues related to training and innovation. L’Usinerie Partners thus aims to federate the partners involved with L’Usinerie. Everyone to support the companies in their allocation of different technical “bricks”. The latter are necessary for the digitization of their manufacturing process. Especially Big Data and Cloud, Artificial Intelligence or Virtual and Augmented Reality in particular. Thanks to the recent appointment of 2 technical directors with over 20 years of experience in the industry and digital sector, L’Usinerie Partners has moved its service offer to the “action” stage. All with a significant intensity of exchange between its teams and regional industry players, large groups, ETIs and SMEs.

When it opens in September 2022, the Moulin de la Sucrerie Blanche site will also host a new engineering degree in IT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence at BAC + 5 level. Métiers Paris Tech and training center at UIMM 21-71, supported by Cnam Bourgogne-Franche-Comté in partnership with Arts et al. “Completes” locally offered training offers. From the beginning of the next school year, Grand Challan will thus offer a continuous training course in its area from Bac to Doctorate. This will allow local companies to employ trained profiles in all the technical “brick” related occupations of Industry 4.0.

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