The poor boy gives the man $ 2 for the baby, and the man leaves a note with the address thanking him.

Barry didn’t have enough money to buy baby food, but a good guy behind him decided to give him two dollars. Barry can give him his address, promising to return it later. But when the boy returned to his mother, Barry realized that they had more in common.

“Sir, you’re holding the queue. Do you want something back?” The cashier at the grocery store asked him. Barry Atkinson stood in front of him for a while and took a little longer to pay. He was counting the coins in his hand while holding his son Andrew in his fist. The money he had was not enough for his grocer. Although she only took a few baby meals and was in dire need.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. Maybe I can give something back,” Barry said. Think about what he can give back. The formula was a must, but perhaps he could be part with the Gerber jar. Before he could decide, he saw two dollars lying on the treadmill.

“Hey, sir,” came a small voice behind him.

Barry turns around to see a little boy wearing cheap clothes, who says he doesn’t have much money. He was carrying only a bag of bread and some milk, which confirmed Barry’s suspicions. He shook his head and said, “No, boy, I can’t accept that.”

Barry got stuck saying something. “Was her name Eli?”

But the little boy pushed the money, and saw the cashier Barry, finally waiting for his decision. Needless to say, the queue was getting longer and longer. Eventually he decided to take the money. But when he saw the boy returning his bag of bread and buying only milk, he was terrified.

She waited for the baby outside the store and introduced herself. “My name is Barry. Thank you so much for the money. But if you want to give up your bread, why did you do that?”

“I’ve seen my mother struggle to buy baby food before, and I know how important it is,” the boy replied. “Anyway, my name is Elliott.”

Elliott took Barry’s card Source: pixels

“Elliott, you’re a generous kid. I promise to get you back as soon as I can,” Barry said. So he took out his business card and wrote his address on the back. “Come to this address this weekend. You must bring your mother. I’ll pay you more than double that.”

Elliott tried to refuse, but his new friend was adamant. They said goodbye. Barry was surprised, he hoped to raise his child along with Elliott.


Barry was a successful businessman, but he was swimming in chaos. His wife went missing, leaving him alone with the baby. He further learned that he had tried to steal money from his bank account.

The bank froze them until Barry got there to sort things out. Because of this she had no money for baby food. As a precautionary measure, his credit card was suspended.

He always knew that his wife, Eli, liked expensive things, but that was not a problem for him. They got married quickly because she was pregnant, but she disappeared shortly after the birth of their son. Barry therefore became a single father, which did not leave him for long.

He bought tons of groceries for Elliott Source: pixels

He had to solve his financial problems in order to repay the wonderful child of the shop. So he went to the bank and arranged his account. He then bought lots of groceries, hoping that Elliott would come with his mother soon.

A few days later there was a knock on his door. After consulting with an app on his phone, Barry noticed that there was no problem. It was just Elliott. The little boy was holding a woman’s hand. He got up and immediately opened the door. He gave them a big smile.

“Hello! Welcome! Come in, please!” Said Barry. He moved to one side to let them go home. “I’m Barry. Nice to meet you. Your son really saved me the other day from a sticky situation. You can be proud of him.”

Darla told him something that froze him for a second Source: pixels

“It’s too much,” he said. From the look on his face, Barry knew he really needed it, so he insisted. He also offered her coffee and a soda for Elliott. Sitting in the living room watching television.

Meanwhile, Barry and Darla sat down to chat in the kitchen. Barry reveals that his wife ran away a few months after Andrew was born. Unexpectedly, Darla said she felt the same way about her husband.

“I learned that he had an affair with a woman named Eli after the birth of my second child. The next day he left. It was insane. I was a mother at home so I had to take steps to find a job. And support yourself. It was easy. No, “he explained.

But Barry froze. He heard nothing more. Looking straight into his eyes, he asked, “Is her name Eli?”

She began to have doubts about her son Source: pixels

“Yes, why?”

“It’s also the name of my future ex-wife,” Barry said. They both looked at each other with wide eyes. They were confused. “Could it be?

“I don’t know. They’ve been together for a long time,” says Darla. He did not want to believe this coincidence, but everything was possible.

A few minutes later, Darla and Elliott leave, without thanking Barry for his kindness. They also took care of exchanging their phone numbers. Barry felt like he wanted to be a part of their lives.

This feeling was further strengthened when he began to have doubts after his discussions with Darler. She suspected that Andrew might not be her biological son. It turns out that Eli quickly became pregnant.

He then decided to do a DNA test. Only then was his suspicion confirmed. He told Darla about it, who agreed with Andrew to test Andrew’s DNA, and the results confirmed that they were half-brothers.

Andrew will always be his son, no matter what his ex does Source: pixels

Nothing has changed for Barry. Andrew remained his son anyway, but Darla and Elliott were also part of his family. He has helped them financially as much as possible. He was also a father to Elliott and his other brothers.

Even when Darla meets other men, they consider each other as family and Barry marries another woman. Their children have grown up together. The two families got together as much as possible. What happened to them was tragic, but it united them forever. It was a priceless gift.

What can we learn from this story?

Eventually all the secrets come to light. Darla and Barry connect the dots and realize that their wives have run away together. Secrets have a way of revealing themselves.

Help those in need. Although his family did not have many ways, Elliott learned to help. But in the end he was rewarded.

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