The rehabilitation department has moved to Dinan Hospital: “We have an ambitious and innovative project”

Franোois Questa, director of Rance Emerald Hospital Group, is in favor of transferring the technology platform to Dinan. Archives / The Little Blue

Francois Cuesta, Director Rance Emeraude Hospital GroupAnd Philip Bahu, President of the Medical Commission for Establishment Saint MaloProtect future technological platforms for rehabilitation DayWhich they present as an “ambitious and innovative” project, sought by the regional health organization.

There is still time to explain

It has been approved – as it appears in a medical-nursing project that has now been voted on by three hospitals – but comes against strong reluctance from agents stationed in Saint-Malo, who are therefore not involved in its development.

“We understand that it is difficult for employees to present themselves in a model that they do not know,” admits Philippe Bahut and Franোয়াois Cuesta.

“We’ve had multiple meetings before, but we have to do support work for all our agents, show them that it can work, and they’re interested. We have time to do this as the technical platform will remain in Saint-Malo for another five years. A

More versatile tools

What will happen then, once Dinane? “It will be a multimodal rehabilitation platform”, with inspiration from extensive care centers such as Kerpep near Lorient, the Saint-Helier Center in Rennes, or Perharidi in Roscoff. In other words, the tools of the future will be versatile, while focusing on current services Neuro-locomotor and geriatrics *

“Today, we do not offer rehabilitation in pediatrics, nutrition, respiratory, oncology … there will be opportunities to offer New specialty“In addition to balneotherapy, Francois Questa explains the possibility of advanced rehabilitation equipment, such as exoskeleton or artificial intelligence devices.

Why day?

Why isn’t this rehabilitation center designed in St. Malo?

“As part of our hospital restructuring, that The focus will be on day-to-day disease management. So it makes sense to add a rehabilitation board, ”explained Dr. Bahu.

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However, this does not mean that Saint-Malo will no longer have care or rehabilitation equipment.

“The initial management of the stroke will be done at the new regional hospital in Saint-Malo. A

In other words, re-teachers will work in Dinan and Sadhu-Malo. This will require strict organization and, above all, a tailor-made “patient journey”.

“We are not going to move older people from St. Malo every day. Treatment can be grouped into stay. A

However, yes, “patients in the health sector need to be removed, it needs to be organized,” Dr. Bahu agreed.

“There are some people who are willing to travel 60 kilometers to get to the highly specialized services,” said Franোois Cuesta. The director further believes that the future plateau will be “attractive” for hiring caregivers.

The question of “balance” for the health sector

Finally, the choice to set up a day-to-day technical rehabilitation platform has been fully guessed, as it is part of a “balanced” project. Health Zone St. Malo – Cancale – Dinan’s Hospital.

“There was no question of no more daycare, or of building two Mirror Hospitals, but there was no question of anchoring the daycare services and thus organizing a safer patient path across the health sector.”

To put it mildly, the day-to-day hospital would be akin to a flight from the sector to Renaissance or St.-Brooks for patients not dressed too much, and therefore, St.-Malo Hospital’s uniforms would also be somewhat open …

* Cardiovascular rehabilitation is currently offered at Dinard’s Gardiner Hospital (private). As a Velleda rehabilitation center, at Plancoët, it cares for the elderly in “polypathological, dependent or at risk of dependence”, but also includes musculoskeletal disorders and has follow-up care and multi-purpose rehabilitation.

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