The world’s largest agricultural campus is experimenting with future agriculture –

Attached cows, giving only one milk per day, paid breeders … Located in Evelyn, 50 kilometers south of Paris, the Literary des Godetz is preparing the future for breeding and agriculture.

Inaugurated May 17, this experimental dairy is located on the mega campus AcreFounded in 2019 by Boss Xavier Neil And Emmanuel Macron’s former agricultural adviser, Audrey Bouroliu. Ambitions for the world’s largest agricultural campus:Train tomorrow’s agri-entrepreneurs. ” S.Expands a research and training area of ​​over 600 hectares and a farm with crops, livestock and now milk production.

The first thing we did in 2020 was to recreate the grasslands, a major breeding capital. We started again A sloping soil, where a rather damaged soil where cereals grow Says Valerie Fuchs Per EuractiveSpokesman forAcre.

In the spring of 2022, after two years of operation, Laiterie des Godets produced 200,000 liters of milk and 60 Normandy cows were raised on 60 hectares of grassland. Milk has recently been converted into yogurt, distributed in restaurants and hotels.

Paid breeders who work only one weekend out of three

But it is the result of a collaboration between Hector and the Danone Fund that creates the specificity of dairyEcosystemThis is the new production model, which aims to combine social performance, economic performance and environmental issues.

For Valerie Fuchs The future must be economically viable with the balance of the farmer’s life, animal welfare and conservation of the environment

Breeder? They “100% employee”. A manager, a breeder and a dairy processor, three full-time equivalents, support the farm and ensure production. There is A rhythm that wants to be less tedious than a traditional farm. At Laiterie des Godets, only one milk is given daily (Usually opposite of the two) And we only work one weekend out of three.

Hector Campus wants to play a leading role in training future farmers, which France will desperately need due to the aging of the profession, and knowing that within three years one-third of the country’s farms will be occupied. Through the promotion of this model, Dairy seeks to promote the profession.

When you inherit a farm from generation to generation and you work as a family, the working hours are not counted, Reassures Valerie Fuchs. We must consider austerity and ensure fair remuneration. If the farmers are not full of their work, we areWill attract Someone A

Free-range animals, regenerative agriculture

On the animal side, the flock spends 24 hours outdoors in the meadow. A system that makes it possible to do without granaries, but also improves the well-being of cows. These are moved to new plots every day to renew the feed surface according to the principle of “dynamic rotational grading”. In the soil, it provides a variety of nutrients to animals, including a dozen plants Grass And legumes.

No input, no plow, crop rotation … Acre Proud of himself depending on Habits that are both organic and respectable According to the principles of soil, biodiversity, ecology and local practice, regenerative agriculture.

Technology in Reproductive Services

Another feature of this new generation dairy: Technology. A lot of tools actually come ” Support the breeder’s skills “, Like this” Herbometer Which makes it possible to measure the quality of the grass or even these attached collars that surround the neck of the cow.

The latter makes it possible to follow the movements of animals and identify any Type Health and nutrition problems.In the case of calving (Grasshopper)Breeders are warned immediately Says Valerie Fuchs.These tools are kept for the comfort and welfare of the cows. In such large areas, it is not possible to move the animal unnecessarily, for example. A

A technical agriculture engraved in its DNAAcre. Artificial intelligence, drones, robotics. This business School Which also hosts a start-up accelerator, seeks to place technology and innovation at the center of tomorrow’s agriculture.

Some unions condemn a “cyber-producer” who promotes the development of private companies while the medium of public education is being cut off year after year. There was also a demonstration on the campus site on March 29 before marching in front of La Defense, the business district of Paris.

Spokesman Valerie Fuchs Denies being in “hyper technology”:Nothing Does not replace the breeder’s eyes and skills. We only innovate in breeding and animal care. A

Model Replicable

60 cows, 60 hectares of grassland: Laiterie des Godets matches a medium-sized farm in France. An ideal model that is both “flexible” and “anchored to the reality of a dairy farm” intended to replicate elsewhere in the region. All information is shared, everyone can take “, Insisted Mrs. Fuchs Mention that it will take three or four years to get the actual result.

Production is in full swing at the moment Holy name In the yvelines. After the yogurt, the farm plans to tackle cheese production in a Tom in the Paris area.

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