To the Renaissance. The Glimps cyber landscape continues its path

“In the beginning, three years ago. It was not easy to explain why we were doing this. For seven years, we have served DGA-MI (Bruges near Renaissance, the site of the Directorate General of Armaments-Information Control) in our country. Above all, we wanted to serve and contribute to building a credible European alternative to data protection. “.

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In a few words, Cyril Vignon summarizes the money that he and his associates gave for the development of Glimp. Created in 2019, their start-up companies specialize in creating software aimed at automating IT security processes, based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology to flush malware and analyze computer codes.

Cyril Vignon, CEO and co-founder of Glimps. | West France

They started at four, “Lyle’s garage with a second-hand computer bought online”They are now leading a team of about thirty employees. “We are hiring and we hope to reach a total of 40 workers by the end of 2022,” he said. Says Cyril Vignon. But it is not easy because cyber security is a sector that is recruiting at full strength. However, there are not enough trained people in the market right now to meet the demand … “

Located in the Digital Square incubator, Glimps will have Cyberplace as its neighbor and B-COM, Institute of Technology Research (IRT), specializes in the development of digital technology. West-France infographic

Following Renaissance’s CyberDefense Factory Incubator, in the larger offices of the Renaissance Metropolis Digital Square Business Incubator in Season-Savignon, Glimps will continue to develop its content and market.

Among the objectives for Glimps over the next few months are: to gain a foothold in the North American market and to continue developing these historic IT solutions, Glimps Malware and Glimps Audit. An “enhanced” version of the latter, called Glimps Comply, is being prepared for “quality” verification of the software, so that all the codes present in the computer program can be identified and accurately identified without the need to resort to source code. .

A cheerful geopolitical context

Renaissance Ecosystem is committed to cyber security, cyber defense and digital innovation. Right next to the new Glimps address, the Cyberplace construction site has begun. Another “neighbor” is B-Com, the Institute for Technology Research (IRT), which specializes in developing digital technologies for companies.

The geopolitical context is characterized by an increase in global cybernetic threats: attacks are no longer virtual hypotheses.

“It simply came to our notice then. We are witnessing the rise of political activism of so-called “independent” groups who carry out cyber attacks. And it’s no longer just about ransoming, it’s about destroying data or systemsOur Frédéric Grelot is one of the co-founders and directors of Glimps. Fear was the reality now “.

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In the spring of 2021, Glimps successfully collected 6 million euros. No one else has planned for the short term, but the company wants to get its start in software reverse engineering. “Thanks for our disruptive technology.”.

Jerome Trey Hardy, Regional Advisor in charge of Cyber ​​Security, Digital Services and Data. | West France

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A message was heard by five out of five Britannia region, which wants to play a role Influencer “Jerome Trey-Hardy, regional advisor in charge of cyber security, digital services and data, underlined the official opening of the new Glimps premises on Thursday, May 19, 2022. “Our work is based on four main pillars: building a cyber ecosystem on the ground to be effective at the national and European levels; working in the application sector, especially health and agriculture, etc .; working to meet training needs; Can do.

To the Renaissance. The Glimps cyber landscape continues its path

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