What is the retail trend in 2022?

The 2020 coronavirus epidemic includes a transition from retail to More and more, businesses are trying to start digital retail to reach more customers. In 2021, SmartTraffik indicated that 90% of retail is still in store. The main market share goes to ready-to-wear, where 67% of consumers return, although 80% sometimes question very long queues. The same study also highlights the importance of SEO in marketing strategies to attract customers to the store. In a market where everything is changing so fast, what is the 2022 retail trend? What major actions need to be implemented? What are the habits of today’s consumers? Overview.

Universal strategy and shopping experience

It seems to have sold out online with the global crisis Increased by 50%As published by Favad. However, retailers now have to deal with the growing desire of consumers to return to pre-covid use: Go to the store To buy the desired product.
But there is a need to consider the growing interest of buyers in retailers’ accounts Innovative and unique shopping experience. They must combine digital and physical to attract customers.

So, it’s a question of setting up A universal strategy Across the purchasing journey. In-store customers can then use their phones Scan a QR code And practice tips, product visualization, make-up or clothing, check product availability, and discover more. This experience Interactive They have the advantage of giving interest to the consumers while giving Vendors access Directly in the case of further questions.

Social media trends are a factor to consider in 2022! The shops want Location of real “Instagramable” photos“The point of sale therefore must be considered in the design of the premises: a swing on which customers can take their pictures, original paintings, mirror-covered spaces, lights, original objects, etc.

Customer relationship

Has entered the physical store in the digital retail sector. And for good reason! Artificial intelligence is increasingly accessible And makes it possible to set up more efficient applications by freeing professionals from tedious and time consuming work. Thus, Automatic stock management interface, powerful chatbot by opening quick checkout, For example, you allow your teams to take full care of customers As a result, they put people at the center of sales: salespeople can therefore spend time with each customer, provide their advice and skills, but A quality presence that contributes to customer trust and loyalty. Also, the question of making the salesperson’s work more attractive by giving employees the opportunity to become an expert in their field, including actual support for the purchase, is to focus less on the activity.

Social shopping

Retail is evolving at the pace of current technological innovation. The number of influential people is even higher Instagram, Tick-tock, Facebook, and even Snapchat. It is clear that they have become a reality Marketing showcase For the brand, even for the retailer.

That way, you can approach one of them and send them a promotional code that they will communicate on their social networks. Some will be able to come to the store to benefit from the offer or place an order online directly from the social network, which now allows Order online, securely and quickly.

This additional sales support became essential in 2022.

Fast trade

Consumers are in increasing demand when it comes to online ordering. The retail world must be restored and adapted. As a result, The food sector is mainly affected, but other major e-commerce sites such as Amazon, among others. Delivery time in less than an hour to meet consumer demand.
Basically, the major cities have everything to offer grocery retailers by setting up this local service.

Retail 2022 is basically re-focusing on people and the desire to give customers a unique experience in search of efficiency, authenticity and a unique experience in their shopping journey.

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