Interview with Adopt Chalonice Agathe Ruga on the occasion of the release of her 2nd book, The Man I Would Not Love

Agathe Ruga describes in this book an unrequited love obsession that engulfs its protagonist: Arian. A book you want to read in one sitting, an uncompromising gallery of portraits, captivating characters!

The Man I Shouldn’t Love ‘is your second book. It would seem that these 2nd books are the hardest to write, “one that transforms an author into an author” to use Le Figaro’s terms …

Of course, this is a test of fire for a writer. The second is often a little missed. I tried to chase fate by writing a second book which I did not publish. This 2nd novel is therefore my third, and its style is similar to the first. It was much easier than writing the famous 2nd in a drawer. It’s like everything in life, the simplest is often the most successful. (I hope so!)

From the blog ‘Agathe the Book’, the stock then published by Flamorion, a recent article in ELLE, how do you feel about this success?

In the world of short literature, my novel, published a month and a half ago, made a really great start. My editor asked for reprint. However, nationally, I am still completely unknown. Everything is relative and uncertain. We will talk about success when I have done a significant job.

Your book is about the obsession of love against the backdrop of parental laziness or even despair. How did writing this book affect you?

I really like the quote from Karen Blixen that Constance Jolie has as an epigraph of her latest novel “All grief can be tolerated if you make a story out of them. Like my heroine, I went through a violent crisis. Talking about this crisis, adding poetry to it, reading it, getting a hundred testimonials from people who have experienced the same thing, repairs me. I would have felt much less of the pains of life if I could not write them down.

Agatha Aryan? You publish a lot of intimate details, is it courageous to express yourself in this way?

When I think of Arian, or when I talk about him, I am overwhelmed by the unmistakable feeling: pain, shame, and nostalgia. Because yes, three years ago, I was this passionate, rebellious woman, sick of the comforts of her life as a housewife. Today, I wonder how she can lose her mind and be so overwhelmed by emotion… I’m a little jealous of her, because emotion is a condition that never lasts. Today Agathe waters her trees before going to bed and never goes out.

I am often told that this book is bold, it is true that I do not give up, why would I do it? I was afraid not to reveal myself to the contrary. We have misconceptions about women, we often have a big smile and stop at the image of blogger and mother, which I needed to break. It’s only from my book that you can understand who I really am.

You mentioned Arian’s love affair with A Capital A but with his mother, in your opinion, can we free ourselves from family patterns?

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked about men who have identified and missed me, especially an honest father. I’ve tried many times to free myself from the family pattern, and I’ve only come so close. So today I accepted. There is no ideal pattern, there is no failure, that’s what I understand. All these people are pushing and shoving to get into the frame, I want them to shout off the comedy and all these couples are having dinner where one is upset at the death of the other. Conversely, not all of us are designed to improve marriage.

You are the mother of 3 children, did you guess the moment when they would ask you to read your book?

My eldest daughter was not interested in reading to me and I feel completely comfortable with the subject. I think children take a good distance from us artistically, the people around us respect it the most. (Parents something else ..!)

Your signature session will be held on Wednesday, May 25 at the Devel Bookstore in Chalon-sur-Saône, at the same time Olivia Liron for ‘Le livre de Neige’, a word about this author?

I’m glad and proud to share this moment with Olivier. I know him for the Grand Prize for Literary Bloggers I created in 2018 and for the one for whom you wrote an article. Olivier was my second winner, “Einstein, Sex and Me”, critically acclaimed and acclaimed by the community. I strongly recommend that you read “The Snow Book”, recently published by Gallimard, a novel about his Spanish mother, Nivus, with a rare passion. Come this Wednesday 25 lots!

Another project after ‘The Man I Shouldn’t Love’?

For the moment, I take care of my baby, that is, his promotion. I’m taking advantage of this before I start a literary pregnancy again!

Interview with SBR – Photo Pascal Eto © Flamorion

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