Photo: Ten exhibitions to see this spring

L.The festive season is approaching. While waiting for the opening of the major events dedicated to photography: from the La Gazelle Festival to the Rencontres International d’Arles, Point Offers you a selection of ten exhibits that can’t be missed under any circumstances.

Dive into the margin

On its tenth anniversary, the Urban Eye Festival is spreading widely. The event’s founder, Lionel Anthony, is thus presenting a subtle preview of William Klein’s nearly fifteen large-format portraits displayed in front of city monuments (large mills, town halls, halls, etc.). At the same time, it highlights twelve photographers engaged in margin exploration. You have to spend all day in Corbel to discover each of these works. Guillaume Herbaut started with that. The 51-year-old reporter (Commander Saint-Jean), who has been involved in the Ukrainian case for 20 years, showed a selection of photographs that tell the story of the ongoing conflict in Donbass. We would like to cite all the selected journalists. Let’s just quote John Trotter who looks at the desertification of the southwestern United States due to the over-exploitation of the Colorado River. But Anthony Mickelleff, who spent three years forcing Marseilles residents to leave their homes overnight, also threatened to collapse in the Rue d’Abagne sector. Or Rip Hopkins, who plastered dozens of delicate and funny portraits of city dwellers in bus shelters.

* Urban Eye Festival, In Corbeil-Essonnes. Free access until May 22. The route of the exhibition will be available on the festival website.

See love

How do you feel about love? To answer this question, Simon Baker, director of the European House of Photography in Paris, decided to organize one of the most daring exhibitions of the season. Fourteen photographers show their work representing all types of love: from romantic love at first sight to the expression of the most brutal erotic emotion … sometimes tender, sometimes rubbish, the images he collects here are aroused (and embraced). From the print of Renেনে Greubley, a great Swiss photographer who immortalized the honeymoon he made with his wife in the early 1950s, in the erotic portrait Harvey Guibert dedicated to his lovers. From the diaries of Nan Goldin and Nobuyoshi Araki where Eros often rubbed shoulders with Thanatos, (Araki painted a portrait of his wife, Yoko, even on his deathbed in 1990). From the colorful shots of Lin Jhipeng to Sally Mann’s great black and white, that love is there to express its splendor in a thousand and one ways.

*Love songs, intimate picturesEuropean House of Photography, until August 21, 2022.

Follow the women in front

Eight women from 1930 to the present day have been featured in this ambitious exhibition at Kunstplast in Dেলsseldorf. Eight artists recognized by their peers. In addition to the stars, famous Spanish war photographers Gerda Taro and Lee Miller, who covered the opening of Dachau and Buchenwald, we discover a French woman on the field during the Vietnam War, Catherine Leroy or still Caroline Cole and Anja Niedringhaus in present-day Iraq and Afghanistan. A crossing of the century that is a painful and essential Odyssey.

* Women war photographersMuseum of Liberation in Paris, until 31 December.

Go back in time with Sophie Calle

In 1978 and 1979, Sophie Cale (then 25) set up a room in the then abandoned Hotel D’Ors. Climbing to the floor of this installation which was then adjacent to the station of the same name, he immortalized this secluded building and tried to capture the environment of this large ship stuck on the shores of the Seine before the works drove him out of this place. “I came there during the day to isolate myself, to think about my future. I got friends there. But I was not sleeping there, ”he said. At the old restaurant, which she buys for a ballroom, she takes dance training in hopes of joining Bob Wilson’s troupe. In each of his visits, he picks up strange objects (keys, enamel plates with the number of rooms, various documents) that will have a decisive effect on the rest of his life. More than forty years later, the artist returns to the scene to narrate this decisive experience with archaeologist Jean-Paul Demuel, who, in the eyes of a scientist, makes a prehistoric analysis of his work.

* Ghost of OrsMusée d’Orsay, until 12 June.

Also readIn Musée d’Orsay, Ghost by Sophie Calle

Leading the Dallas Vita with Bernard Plusu

Do we still present Bernard Plossu? This photographer, who has traveled the world since 1960, has been the subject of many exhibitions … The Ax-en-Provence Museum today offers the possibility to discover a new dimension of his work through a beautiful retrospective of a hundred photographs, some of which have never been seen before. . Covering a wide period from 1970 to the present, the photographs on display have Italy as their background. And they strangely echo Marius Granett’s paintings that form the basis of the space’s enduring collection. Compared to the work of the granite, the hardness of the black and white compositions of the plaster is obvious. And the special rendering of his paintings by the Freson printing technique he adopted in 1967 underlines the intense poetry and the extreme sensitivity that enchants his vision.

*Italia prudence, Until August 28 at the Granite Museum in Aix-en-Provence.

Go around the world with Graciela Iturbide

The great Mexican photographer, 76 years old and honorably covered, we often know the clichs of animals: these living iguanas are placed like crowns on a woman’s head, a little goat to be sacrificed at a religious ceremony, a flock of birds in the sky of Guanajuato. But this entire antecedent, whose extraordinary landscape was designed by architect Mauricio Rocha (the photographer’s son), allows for a more in-depth dive into the arturbide art. We start with the vast sky, sometimes empty, to go to the portraits of the captives in Bolivia or Japan, to the portraits of the Seri Indians, who live in the desert, or to the members of the Tijuana gang. At the end of the journey, a proof: Black and white, with an admirable skill, humanistic sensibilities and an unusual art of composition, Gracila Eturbide is one of the best artists of our time.

* Heliotrope 37At the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, until May 29.

Reconnect with Asia

He is an extraordinary artist who has never been the subject of private exhibitions in France. Dinh Q. Lê lives and works in the United States, but his Vietnamese origins make his work miserable. Known for his technique of “weaving photographs”, a process inspired by the traditional weaving of his own country, he is now exhibiting some of his most important works in Paris. From a distance, these large formats stimulate the pixelated statistics of our computer. But, closer, the process of complexity of the images further stimulates the work of weaving. Sometimes taken from film, sometimes from an artist’s personal album, these mixed photos bring hybrid motifs where no one always distinguishes between what is fiction and what is documentary. Normal! The work of Dinh Q. Lê, sometimes reminiscent of the work of Christian Boltansky, is entirely organized around the question of memory, where we know, the clash of dreams and reality.

*Dinh Q. Lê – Thread of MemoryQuai Branly-Jacques at the Chirac Museum, until November 20, 2022.

Achieve objectivity

Be careful, this show hides another one! We first believe in a simple monograph by August Sander, focusing on his famous photographic anthropology. 20th century menAnd Century, A great work of 600 photos where he invites every subject to stage himself in front of his camera and draws a huge physiognomy of Germany of his time. From this panorama and its social sections, curators draw a broad view of the 1920s and its flagship movement, which emerged as a reaction to expressionism, neo-materialism. So penetration into music, design, architecture and even cinema. The fascinating whole is a journey through time, towards an age which, with its anxieties and its questions, reminds us vividly of ourselves.

* Germany / 1920 / New objectivitySt. Georges-Pompido, until 5 September.

Go to Syria with Parnots

In 1926, Matthew’s grandfather Leon Parnot traveled throughout the Middle East before settling in Lebanon, where he settled and established a family. Matthew Parnot – almost 100 years later – embarks on a journey that has become particularly dangerous over time, with his album carefully preserved in the family archives. It is a question of going from Beirut to Tripoli, Holmes or even Damascus to Palmyra … From the Lebanese family apartment, the photographer is therefore walking towards a martyred Syria, and his shots are witnessing at every moment the brutal path and tragic part of great history. Intimate and collective weaving, Matthew Parnot’s work touches the heart. The faces of Bashar al-Assad have been plastered with debris, children in Mosul and their ghostly eyes. Many pictures that we will not forget.

* Ruins of his houseHenri-Cartier-Bresson Foundation, June 19.

Discover the talents of tomorrow

As every year, the Festival of Young European Photography occupies Saint-Quattro. Opportunity to discover new talents of fifteen different nationalities, a good thirty. Opportunity to feel some shock: Dominic Fleischman’s series Algernon Flowers paints a fascinating portrait of the state of animals in the laboratory, the work of Armenian Areg Balayan, bearing witness to the war between his country and Azerbaijan, openly, without hesitation. And then there is the fantasy of Elizabeth Gomez Baradas who reapplies the aesthetics of R’n’B, the innocence of Michalina Kakperek’s vision that reveals the weakness of her younger sister who is stuck in a house. Invalid walk time at… cents – Quatre, an infinite world available to us.

* Traffic (s) 2022In St.-Quarter, until 29 May.

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