Randall Kolo Muani: Flight of the Child Prodigy

Arriving at FC Nantes in December 2015, Randall Kolo Muani is getting ready to pack his bags for Frankfurt on 1 July. He will bid farewell to La Beaujoir against AS Saint-Etienne this Saturday, May 21, 2022, a post-match that already promises to be emotionally charged.

The life of a supporter is interrupted by separation. For the people of Nantes, saying goodbye to Randall Kolo Muani would be very painful. Reaching the 17th in December 2015, RKM has left its mark on the last two seasons of FCN. Coming out of Christian Gaurkaf’s hat on August 30, 2020 against the Nimes Olympics, in two years he has become an essential element of the Nantes attack. Very few people can bet on it, starting with the management of FC Nantes, unable to give him a contract worthy of his talent. The result: After two full seasons on the shores of Erdre, center-forward Nantes will leave for Frankfurt. On the eve of his last yellow against AS Saint-Etienne on May 21, 2022, let’s look back at his career, those who cheated on him and those who always believed in him, despite the difficulties.

Express growth, the main problem

“I remember a very young boy, very shy, very introverted, Nicolas Damont talks about his first memory of Randall Kolo Muani, whom he coached for a season at National U17 in US Torsi. Something similar to what we see today when he is on camera, with that little smile. But he was really very young, he has nothing to do with the monster we see on TV now. “, He insists. In three years at the Ile-de-France club, little Randall has grown up. Lots of push. “When he arrives at U14, he’s the shortest in the squad, and when he moves to U17, he’s the tallest.”, Nicholas Demont continued. And this express is not without the consequences of physical transformation. “He continues to grow, it creates problems in the knees, back, heels. It wasn’t really easy. “

“She had to adapt to her new body.”, Loïc Ferry, the first coach of Kolo Muani at Villepinte in U13 from football school. Who took Randall to his luggage rack when he left for US Torsi. “He never gave up, he patiently accepted his hardships. His mind does not stop. He was well surrounded by his brother, his parents, his educators. “, Explains RKM’s trainers and personal drivers. Loic Ferry regularly takes his child to and from his new club for training to help Randall’s parents, who were often busy at work. “We have talked a lot with his family about his injury. We have always believed in his power, and in the fact that he could explode at any moment. “

(Gerald Maunard)

This long awaited explosion has finally happened. One afternoon in December 2014 to light a fuse from the US Torsi near Mulhouse. “He scored at the last minute. Nicholas remembers Damont. It was his first goal of the season, he felt like a breath of fresh air. She had tears of joy. ” Once turned on, the machine does not shut down. “Randall has scored eight or nine goals in the last 13 games. At Torres, he only had full possession of his money in the second half of his U17 season and that allowed him to start.

Failure in Italy, rebound in Nantes

His performance did not go unnoticed. At the end of the season, two Italian clubs, Kremons and Vicenza, are knocking on the door. But despite a final trial in the second club, the attacker will definitely not cross the Alps. “It was not done, especially for administrative reasons. Nicholas Demont explains. European transfers are always a bit complicated due to training allowances. One of the rules we laid down was that in France or Italy, whether Randall was going to sign for a club, Torsi’s work had to be recognized. The club never gave up. This is not the only reason, but it is something that prevents the transfer. In the end, he ended up in Nantes, and I think it was a good choice. “

Back in France, at Neuilly-sur-Marne, where he scored, Kolo Muani saw a new professional club offer him a trial in December 2015. This time, it was a Ligue 1 club: FC Nantes “I introduced him as a young man who was coming out of a big season at U17, but lost a bit in Italy, Coach Charles Divineau unveiled during the FCN U19s. I verified his profile from the first training. He took the time to play fast. He had a small deficit in front of the goal, but he was already very tough. He was going faster than the others, it was easier to eliminate him, he jumped a lot … he was at the top, I remember the current coach of La Roche-sur-Ion in National 3.

F25CFD5F-9748-4814-8CAA-860D73229EAB.jpeg(Gerald Maunard)

After a good U19 half-season, RKM navigates between the youngsters and the N2, where he begins to perform. “This second season has checked its progress, Charles Divine analyzed. Before leaving FC Nantes, I gave my opinion so that he could be a professional trainee. He made a season between Pro Group and N2 with a few appearances in the first team. Launched on November 31, 2018 by Geoffrey-Guichard in the deep end by Wahid Halilhodzic, Kolo Muani came to play in League 1 six times, unbelievably. FC Nantes then decided to lend him a hand in the national game, Bulon-sur-Mer (14 games, 3 goals, 5 assists, season plagued by epidemics). “I think it was a very good choice. It was a very important decision in his career. He supported Nicolas Damont. I discussed it with Laurent (Guyot), the coach of Boulogne. He told me that he was very happy to be with Randall that season. “

“Randall is a quiet force”

RïK coach from Loïc Ferry, football school to U13s.

The rest, we know. To everyone’s surprise, Randall Kolo Muani was founded by Christian Gaurkoff on August 30, 2020, the second day of the championship against Nimes. In the dying Nantes team, on the dock, RKM won the starting XI. The scorer during the relegation play-off against Toulouse, he even let FC Nantes save his skin in League 1. With 23 goals and 14 assists, he has been FCN’s most popular player in the last two seasons and one of the club’s first title-building greats for 20 years. An arrogant achievement, for a boy who doesn’t mind anything.

“It’s not so much an explosion as impressive, it’s a continuum, Charles shows the Divine. It never has air holes. I really take off my hat to him. He could have ruined his life with the stories of his contract, but on the contrary, I think it even woke him up. Comments completed by his lifelong coach, Loic Ferry: “Randall is a quiet force. He has an atypical career, he didn’t go through Clarefontaine, he didn’t pick all the youngsters. In the end, I think it was a blessing in disguise. He was able to work in his corner, to improve. “. Up to the point of ascent to the Stade de France. And win. “When I see him climb the Coupe de France with FC Nantes, 5 kilometers away from the pitch in our small neighborhood, it’s exceptional. I’m still shivering. “

CE135C60-86D1-40AA-AE4D-0EF7C959A325.jpeg(Gerald Maunard)

The rest of the story will therefore be written in Frankfurt. His hometown is a little further from Villepinte. “Perhaps going to Germany will allow him to integrate silently, not that journalists will always be behind him. Says Loic Ferry. It fits well with his personality: staying calm, in his corners and working. I think it’s the right country for more explosions. ” In addition to discovering the Bundesliga, Colo Muani will make his Champions League debut against Glasgow Rangers this Wednesday against Europa League winners Eintracht. An exciting new perspective on the career of a young man with rapid progress, which his former teachers follow with admiration. And isn’t that the greatest victory?

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