The simple solution of pediatricians to save our children!

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Pollution is responsible for 9 million deaths worldwide each year. And babies, even before they are born, can be affected by the consequences of these injuries.

Pollution kills 9 million people Every year on earth, or 3 times more than AIDS, Combining tuberculosis and malaria, according to recent research from “The Lancet Planetary Health”. The Children are not exempt By this panic which is sometimes the cause of the disease Long before birth

According to Breathe project informationBarcelona’s Institute of Global Health, Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research, approx. All newborns There is the world Identifiable dimensions Endless organic pollutants (dioxins or Pesticides For example).

The Children are more at risk Because of them in their environment than adults Nervous, immune, digestive system And others have not yet completed the formation. The reason for the reason Many chronic diseases Submitted from The first step in life. Everything that happens in the womb happens in stages Embryos and embryos Critical for the proper development of the future baby.

The data show that “a An increasing number of childhood diseases Associated with a polluted environment “and it The biggest threat Coming from Home and school! The impact of pollution on health is high Visible and obvious in developing countriesWhere the degree of contamination is much lower, than Industrialized country.

Several threats Environmental influences affect children’s health more or less strongly:Unsafe waterHygiene and lack of sanitation, Air pollutionIts smoke TobaccoDangerous chemicals and many more …

Beware of repeated exposure From mother, child and infant Endocrine disruption Already known Harmful to health, Which is confirmed by research. The Causes of pollutionAccording to Breath, Developmental change.

There has been evidence of an increase in many hypothesized hormone-dependent pathologies in recent decades, including changes in the maturation of the male genitalia, changes in testicular function, and highlights of testicular and prostate cancers.

They are exposed by Growth delay Pregnancy, birth defects, Growth problemsFunctional deficits (neurological behavioral, ImmuneBreeding) and much more Great predisposition Such as the development of chronic diseases of life Diabetes, cancer Or cardiovascular disease.

The Pollution is responsible Impaired thyroid function and Nervous development The child report also describes such consequences Low birth weightPremature or Growth delay In infants and children.

About Atmospheric pollutionRoad generated by traffic, and costContaminated tap waterThey increase pregnancy and Some distortions affect growth Many congenital studies prove thatHigh level of exposure Air pollutants are associated with a Increased disease Respiratory (bronchitis, asthma, etc.).

Far away Fight against negative influences Pollution on health, pediatricians recommend a simple solution: Reconnect with nature! “Nature must be prescribed” Dr. President of the Environmental Health Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP). Juan Antonio has saved Ortega Garcia According to experts, One in ten students “Wear one Bronchodilator In his backpack. “

“The Pediatricians need to determine the natureChildren must pass at least One hour a day In contact with green space. The The benefits are huge There is one of them Improving memoryGood visual acuity, Cortisol reductionExcess weight … “

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