Toulouse. Space Diversity – Documentary and exhibition of Lacity’s program

Toulouse. Space Diversity – Documentary and exhibition of Lacity’s program

There are many events on the agenda of the Space Diversity – Lacity Meeting in May and June.

“Merciful” – Screening of Fatima Sisani’s documentary – Friday 20th May at 7pm
Mariam, Siham, Khadija, Kenza, Rokia and Leila: Six young women, in their thirties, were born and lived in the same building in a housing estate on the outskirts of Paris. They have not left each other since childhood. Intimate relationship. They describe this almost loving friendship and identity, class relations, spatial and social degradation, with joy and full speed …
Discussions will be held with the director after the screening.
-Organizer Association Cine Palabres

“Human Rights and Sexual Minorities” – Amnesty International Exhibition – May 29.
Highlighting human rights violations that people suffer because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. The exhibition is designed as a journey through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, aimed at questioning the latter.
-Organizers: ACCEPT, Pride Toulouse, Amnesty International

“Rainbow Love”– Exhibition – May 30 to June 17
Through a series of vibrant and intimate portraits, artist Jerome Kokil explores the years of his childhood and adolescence, where homosexual love was hidden, revealing itself only in the light of neon lights at parties, clubs. A time is almost over, but the path is still long before it is fully accepted.
As part of the Diversity Festival
Opening Monday, May 30 at 7 p.m.
Organizers: Mission Equality Diversity and Association des Image Ox Motts
– Festival diversity program will be available at

A “Spark” – Screening – Monday, May 30 at 8:30 p.m.
A history of the LGBT struggle from the 1960s to the present, the spark of militant activity that spread from New York to the rest of the world after the spark of the Stonewall riots.
Screening before the opening of Jérôme Cauquil’s Rainbow Love Show, and then a debate.
As part of the Diversity Festival
-Organizer: Association des Image Ox Motts
The Festival Diversity program will be available at

A “Intellectual diversity and language power, in the case of post-colonial Algeria” – Conference of Algerian Writer Amin Zawi – Tuesday 31st May at 6pm.
An Algerian intellectual committed to democracy, women’s rights and secularism in his country, Amin Zhaoi is a writer, academician and columnist. Winner of several awards, a free spirit, he was exiled to France for ten years. Upon his return to Algeria in 2000, he directed the National Library where he implemented a program of open conferences and meetings for new thinkers, writers and intellectuals, which was highly unsatisfactory. Amin Zawi was fired from his post in 2008, causing widespread panic in the intelligentsia outside Algeria.
Diversity as part of the month
-Organizer: Association AMI.ES D’AVERROES

A Solidarity and cultural evening with prisoners of conscience and human rights activists in Syria – Wednesday, June 1 at 7 p.m.
In the program:
– Speech by Nahad Badawi, Academician, Former Prisoner in Al Assad Prison
– Presentation of the “November 26” Association in Support of Arbitrary Detention Victims in Syria by its President Bassam Johar
– Syrian musical interlude with Abdurrahman Auda on Buzuk and Ahmed Abdullah on iKaa
– Presentation of works by artist Khalil Hamsurk, ex-prisoner (Fireworks on wood)
– Friendship drink (taste of Syrian specialty).
Diversity as part of the month
-Organizer: Association AMI.ES D’AVERROES and Association “26 November”

Comics and Migration Exhibition “Cortier des Case” – May 21 to June 23
Accepted by the National Museum of the History of Immigration, highlighting the “Cortier’s Des Case” as comics have gradually become a particularly privileged medium for storytelling migration and its challenges, leaving a large portion to personal and family stories. Combining works from all ages from the beginning of comics to the most recent creation, it calls into question the evolution of the representation of aliens, immigrants, and immigrants in relation to mentality.
– Organizer: National Museum of Immigration History

Espace Diversités Laïcité: 38 rue d’Aubuisson, 31000 Toulouse – Telephone: 05 81 91 79 60 – Access: Metro Line A and B Station Jean-Jaurès / Metro Line B Station François-Verdier –

More info On the site of space diversity.


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