Unmarried, this woman is expecting her 10th child: “I don’t raise children for convenience, but they deserve more.”

British mother Sonia O’Lachalan has nine children. She is waiting for her tenth son. For Sonia, children bring invaluable gifts and bring joy and life to a home. There is no way to stop it. To feed her children, the mother can rely on a monthly allowance from the government.

The joy of being a parent

Sonia O’Lachalan is an unmarried, unemployed mother. She lives with her nine children in an HLM in Southampton, England. Soon the family will grow even more because the mother of the family is expecting a little boy.

The family became known to the general public by participating in a television program titled “Me and My 10 Kids” aired on Channel 5, an English version of the cult program “Big Family, Life XXL”.

Viewers were delighted to discover: Nicola, 19, Leah, 17, Shannon, 16, Kevin, 14, Erin, 13, Kai, 10, Kana, Seven, Lewis, Five and Lexie, one year old, and the youngest street .

Source: Channel 5

Mother is proud of that tribe. Moreover, he is totally dedicated to these children and feels that they are a gift from heaven.

He is considered irresponsible

Many have been surprised by the number of Sonia’s children. The latter ignore their criticism. For her, the most important thing is the happiness of being with her children. She was seen as irresponsible or even reckless, but Sonia seemed to be attached only to her own point of view.

However, the mother of the family wanted to give an explanation for the reaction of her critics. A day with Sonia O’Lachalan and her children starts very early. The mother of 10 children has no right to sleep. At 6:30 a.m., he wakes up to make their breakfast.

However, there is a small problem with kitchen utensils. In fact, Sonia has only 3 bowls when her children are new. Each trio takes turns taking their breakfast. They do it the way they can.

There is also a problem with the bathroom. The sink pond is regularly stuck. Since mom doesn’t actually have the ability to remedy it, they brush their teeth in the kitchen sink. Everyone takes turns. In this family, the organization prevails, otherwise they quickly run into disaster.

Source: Channel 5

He receives an allowance every month

Sonia can get social benefits even if she doesn’t work. FYI, he receives a monthly allowance of about 550 euros from the government. This sum, the mother of the family shares the cost for food, rent and incidental charges.

If Sonia wants to save money, she takes care to buy everything in bulk and make all the food in her house. As he puts it:

“I don’t like what the kids eat, otherwise it would be like running a restaurant. A

“My kids deserve a little more.”

She denies to the Mirror that she is having children just to get a family allowance. She will do it because she loves them.

“When I got pregnant with one of them, my first thought was: ‘I’m going to apply for childcare.’ My first thought was, ‘I have a beautiful baby.’ Allowances are hard to come by, but my children deserve a little more. But I can’t sit still and expect the taxpayers to pay for my children, “he said.

Source: Channel 5

Despite her busy schedule, despite her difficult days, this mother has not been able to change her life or her family in anything on earth. Use a condom? Very little for him! Sonia takes advantage of this gift of Mother Nature.

“Some people say they have allergies to condoms. I can’t say it because I’ve never used it, “he said.

Suffice it to say that Sonia has strong nerves, great patience and a steel mind to lead a tribe of 9 children (soon to be 10 years old). However, she can count on the help of her two older daughters, Shannon and Nicola, to help her prepare meals and go shopping.

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