Extreme Horror by Luke Besson, Lenny Kravitz, Le Butler … Catherine Marie-Lewis’ Cultural Choice

Equipped with a sales tray, Katherine Mary-Lewis has rolled her bumps with various employers. Enthusiastic about travel and exhibitions, he is the commercial director of Radio No.1.

BooksEnfant terrible, By Luke Besson, was my captive book. I even read it aloud to my husband Michelle to share my reading. He describes his childhood as a mental deprivation by the professional life of his parents and the compulsion to make up stories in his head. There was a living tiger in his father’s house. It could be the subject of a movie. He is definitely talking Big blue. I’m going to Paris and I’m going to borrow this book. Teenager, Blue bicycle By Resin Deforges, I had some emotions. I was so obsessed with reading that I forgot to eat. Schooling did not interest me, but my grandmother was a customer of France Loisier. Now, I don’t have time, I read Musa on holidays. A

“The Majordorm is a great movie”

MoviesButler, With Forrest Whitaker, who chronicles the life of a man who has served as president of seven presidents at the White House, while raising his two sons. I watched the movie when it came out, fascinated by the story. Lenny Kravitz plays a future butler. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, as it goes through the entire history of the United States, from the cotton field to this professional and personal situation. You really have to look at it and see it again. I left the movie without saying a word, it took me courage.

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The lionWith Nicole Kidman, an adoptee in India, I was also speechless. Greenbook Also a great movie. Saw as a teenager Greece Like the shop girl. Recently, Love is better than life, By Claude Lelouch, where Gerard Darmon has a love affair with Sandrin Bonaire. I like to watch movies when they come out, when I think, as selfish pleasure. As a family, we have two cult films: If the truth is a lieAnd Cannonball. My children recite in their minds. A

DiskMama said By Lenny Kravitz. I am a big fan of her. I saw him at the 2018 Jazz Festival in Vienna and Orleans. He touched my hand! His look, his different music. All his albums are regularly circulating in the car.

Like classical music Request Mozart, Callas. A universe that I have come to know, my husband’s mother is a famous violinist. I also like Florent Pagni, Pascal Obispo, Patricia Cass, Celine Dion, Lara Fabian. My dad fed me on the telephone and Nicole Crossell. I saw Sade in the Pretemps de Bourgeois, in a dress, barefoot. I work in music, I listen to the radio but, on weekends, I let myself get on my husband’s playlist. A

Work “It was Robert Indiana who made the sculpture remarkably Love Which can be seen on 6th Avenue in Manhattan. He also made a love proposal to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. My cousin is an art dealer in New York. He lives in Trump Tower. A

Fetish objects “These are my Bluetooth headphones that I carry everywhere Since I’m sleep deprived and I sleep badly, I’ve found a solution to fall asleep: listen to the radio, RTL or Europe1, and let yourself be dulled by low-pitched voices. A

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