The final of “My Thesis in 180 Seconds” will be held on May 31 in Lyon

Inspired by a “three minute thesis” designed at the University of Queensland in Australia, the “My Thesis in 180 Seconds” competition is organized by the University of France, CNRS and the University of Lyon in France. Doctoral students have three minutes to present and explain their thesis in a way that is clear, accessible to the general public, and entertaining. It is possible to participate in the national finals to be held on May 31 at the Leon Labor Exchange for free or to follow online. Astronomer Helen Courtois will be the godmother of the event, and Isabel Bonardi, Amelie Cordier, Paul DeCuidot, and Axel Willard-Faur will be part of the jury.

For this 9th edition, 28 university groups and universities have organized the first round of the “My Thesis in 180 Seconds” competition in their establishment. About 600 doctoral students took part in the “regional” finals, 58 of whom won first jury prizes or public prizes and were selected for the semifinals in Paris in early April. Its 16 finalists will therefore face each other on May 31 in Lyon.

After journalist Fred Corinthian in 2021, it is astronomer Helen Courtois, university professor Claude Bernard Leon 1, who has invested heavily in the transition of knowledge, who will be the godmother of this 2022 final.

The public will be able to join the event for free, subject to availability, or live on the Facebook page, YouTube channel and competition website from 6:30 p.m. Internet users will be able to vote for the finalist of their choice like the public present and help him win the “public prize”.

High school students at Lyon Academy will also be present at the event and vote for the one who will have the most impact on them, who will then win the “High School Students Award”.

Finally, three awards will be presented by the jury:

  • Isabelle Bonardi, Director of the Department of Pop Science, Culture, Science and Society at the University of Lyon
  • Amelie Cordier, Artificial Intelligence Researcher and President of the Leon-IS-AI Group
  • Paul Dequidt, Doctor of Signals and Image Processing, 1Of Jury Award and Visitor Award to the 2021 MT180 National Final
  • Axel Villard-Faure, Scientific Journalist and Program Manager, Discovery and Knowledge Unit, ARTE France
  • The 5th member of the jury, representing the research world, will be known soon.

The winner of the first jury award will represent France in the international final on October 6 in Montreal, Quebec.

Emily Martin du Fu, specially co-hosted by Ciel & Espace and France 5 science journalist and ARTE science journalist Pierre Girard, will reward the three jury prizes and give them a chance to immerse themselves in their discovery and knowledge. ARTE France unit.

16 finalists of the competition:

Yaovi Jean-Pierre ADJIKPO
Legal aspects of seafood product labels

Western Britannia University
Laboratory development using marine and coastal resources and spaces (Western Brittany / Ephraim University)

Review its performance

Samantha Aguillon

The role of laser molecule ecology and population dynamics in La Reunion in the conduct of infectious agents

Reunion University
Laboratory Infectious Diseases on Tropical Islands (CNRS / University of Reunion / Insaram / IRD)

Review its performance

Julien Berth

The Morphology and Landscape of Montagon de Reims

University of Reims Champagne-Arden
Geometricals and Studies Group on Natural, Ethnographic and Archaeological Environment (Reims Champagne-Arden University)

Review its performance

Esther Boisin

Debias promotes intuitions and reasoning among the adult and adolescent population

Paris City University
Child Development and Education Psychology Laboratory (CNRS / Paris Cité University)

Review its performance


Poisson is a geometric integrator in geometry

University of La Rochelle
Environmental Engineering Laboratory (CNRS / La Rochelle University)

Review its performance

Ann Cousin

Nanobodies for virus detection and prevention responsible for grape disease

University of Strasbourg
Institute of Molecular Biology of Plants (CNRS)

Review its performance

Pierre Damien Fugu

Electronic money in European, African sub-regional and Ohada banking areas

University of Bordeaux
Institute for Business and Heritage Law Studies (University of Bordeaux)

Review its performance

Natasha Guader

Monitoring the stability of model cosmetic emulsions by multi-scale / physical features for a better understanding of aging and preservation processes

CY Surgery Paris University
Information and Energy Technology Systems and Applications Laboratory (CNRS / CY Cergy Paris University / ENS Paris-Saclay / Cnam / Paris-Saclay University)

Review its performance

Isabel Hoxha

Neurocognitive mechanisms of perceptual expectations in decision making

University of Paris-Sacle
Laboratory Complexity, Innovation, Motor and Sports Activities (Sackley University of Paris)

Review its performance

Daniela Kreber

How does biodiversity affect the response of tropical forests to climate change?

University of Guyana
Guinean forest ecology (CNRS / AgroParisTech / INRAE ​​/ CIRAD / University of Guyana) and botany and modeling of plant and plant architecture (CNRS / CIRAD / INRAE ​​/ IRD / University of Montpellier)

Review its performance

Bastian Marguet

Modeling of grain boundary birth in two-dimensional materials: application of graphene

Claude Bernard University Lyon 1
Light Matter Institute (CNRS / Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University)

Review its performance

Emily Moduit

Socialization and phenotypic plasticity in spiders

University of Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier
Research Center on Animal Knowledge (CNRS / Toulouse III University – Paul Sabatier)

Review its performance

Alfani Middlelet

Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome by Persistent Positive Airway Pressure: A study of telemonitoring data to understand the effects of treatment changes and to predict acute events.

University of Grenoble Alps
Hypoxia and Cardiovascular and Respiratory Pathophysiology Laboratory (Insaram / Grenoble Alps University)

Review its performance

Charlotte Montilt

Identify the role of VPS13B in the central nervous system

Burgundy French-Comte University
Lipid, Nutrition, Cancer Laboratory (University of Burgundy / Insaram / UBFC)

Review its performance

Anais Perichet

Targeting IL-1 to increase the effectiveness of chemimmunotherapy in cancer

Burgundy French-Comte University
Lipid, Nutrition, Cancer Laboratory (University of Burgundy / Insaram / UBFC)

Review its performance

Maxim Robick

Visual service of a constellation of satellites

University of Renaissance 1
Institute for Research in Informatics and Random Systems (CNRS / University of Renaissance 1)

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