The market for digital clones is growing –

The market for hyper-realistic digital avatars, such as DipFac, is a growing interest for companies, as this technology can greatly reduce the cost of making certain advertising videos. But it is this progress that will be most visible, especially in the metavers.

Spirit machine, Synthesis Where One hour, These companies are at the forefront of a growing technology: digital, ultra-realistic people talking to consumers or viewers. The sector is developing. Investors do not make mistakes. In recent months, new market leaders have collected 200 million francs.

We already knew deepfake, These highly realistic fake videos are made using artificial intelligence, forcing someone to say something for the purpose of misinformation or harassment. This technology also has an approved shutter.

We are talking here about the digital avatar created for the company. Because traditional advertising stains are often expensive to produce. You need tools, experience and actors. But now, thanks to this strategy Acquiring deep knowledge (Deep learning), they can automatically, with a single click, convert a text into a video.

Digital star doubles

A Actor Thus selling its virtual double. Like a doll, it recites your words faithfully. It’s photorealistic. You rarely see the difference between a true actor and a good one. This technology was first used by the Berlitz language school. Here, Avatar teaches you how to pronounce a sentence. A huge advantage, since he can speak all languages ​​perfectly.

Former football star David Beckham has shot a video of his fight against malaria in a similar fashion. Thanks to the algorithms that allow facial movements to change, taking a single, he can speak exactly nine languages.

So there is an economic interest for the company. These virtual actors make it possible to reduce production costs and open new avenues of income. An example: Dreamworks Studios and Cameo offer you to buy a personalized video of their protagonist Baby Boss with synthetic voice of Alec Baldwin. It’s all on the machine. Making this video costs them almost nothing.

Talk to the robot

But now big brands want to go further with artificial intelligence like humans that speak directly to customers. One type of chatbot 2.0.

Nestl প্রস্তাব, for its toll house brand, offers to negotiate with one Virtual cooker. This helps you prepare your cookies. In its latest demo, an astrologer on the Soul Machine is giving you a favorite horoscope.

And that’s just the beginning, as developers prepare for the arrival of customers in a sustainable digital world: Metaverse. These digital human avatars will be able to evolve autonomously, communicate and interact with users. Anyway, that’s the promise. For example, they can be found as vendors in virtual stores. And they can take on the characteristics of celebrities.

But before that the legal and ethical questions have to be settled. Can we resurrect the dead or use them? What will happen to our own image or voice in this digital eternity? What is the status for this digital worker? We expect a first decision from the European Parliament in the summer.

Pascal Wasmer

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