Violence at school has begun to rise again

On Tuesday, two 13-year-old boys threatened a teacher at a college in Besancon with a dummy weapon; In January in Metz, a PE teacher was hit by a 12-year-old alumnus; In Combs-la-Ville (Seine-et-Marne) in October, a teacher was violently pushed around by a high school student who wanted to leave the classroom. After declining in 2020, the year of captivity, school violence has begun to rise again. But the number of cases pending in the court has decreased.

This is very worrying: this deteriorating climate will certainly not become the norm

This is what emerged from the 2022 barometer of the Autonomous Secular Solidarity (ASL) unveiled this Sunday. The Activist Network, which ensures the safety of education workers, compiles a school climate list based on 4,732 files for professional legal protection applications opened in 2021. After a 22% decline in 2020, their level has returned to the previous level Crisis (+ 19% in 2021). Overall, the figures have changed slightly over the last five years. “The responses provided did not improve the situation, Jean-Louis Linder, vice-president of ASL, observed. This is very worrying: this deteriorating climate will certainly not become the norm. A

Examination of the files provides an overview of the problems encountered by the 485,000 ASL members (approximately one in two teachers). Physical assault remains an over-minority (7.5%). Defamation, insults and threats for two-thirds (63%) of referrals. “Schools are not a place where teachers are violently attacked every day, but conflicts, insults and less powerful threats disrupt the daily lives of colleagues.”The general secretary of the association, Sylvie Guyot, expressed regret.

4,847 requests for legal information

The government has multiplied brochures and accompanying devices following the evidence on Twitter (#Pasdevague) in 2018 condemning the inertia of the hierarchy, with many teachers preferring to go to ASL. “It’s easy to go to a third party, Jean-Louis Linder analyzes. The endless changes in health protocols, especially with epidemics, have created numerous conflicts with the heads of organizations. A ASL volunteers responded to 4,847 requests for legal information in 2021, about the same as in 2020. After the assassination of Professor Samuel Patty by a terrorist, some are playing it safe. “I have a mother who wants to come to the school council with a veil, can I refuse? A, A director asks. In this case, the mother participates as a public service user.

Parents listen to their children a lot. Their respect for teachers is low and it is deteriorating very fast

Teachers – mostly from the Education Battalion – make up 70% of the legal protection files. But management staff, less in number, three times more open. Elementary school in the front row. Authors then often have legal representatives (48%) and students (17%) who do not hesitate to take action to challenge a mark or approval. “Parents listen to their children a lot. Their respect for teachers is low, and it is deteriorating very fast. “Dominique Trouvé, the reference lawyer for ASL, testified.

Example? The couple who show up at the gate every morning claim that the teacher said he refused to welcome their child to school without a mask. This is the mother who insulted a teacher’s text and body on Facebook. Or parents who accuse the school principal of covering up pedophilia activities. “Snowball on the Net, Defamatory Comments”, Lawyers warn. Welcoming children with disabilities can also be stressful. This mother behaves like a director “Rotten” Because her daughter cannot go to school without special help.

The number of cases handled by the courts has increased from 177 in 2017 to 36 in 2021.

Today, even more than yesterday, very few cases end up in court (less than 1% in 2021!) “Teachers are not crazy about the method. I know some people who turn up in front of the police station and say: “Of course, the student called me by name, but is it really worth it?” A, Describes me found. The slow pace of justice discourages the number of steps taken. Then, ASL notes, “More rejections are being considered at the police station”, Police sometimes favor handrails for filing complaints.

Beyond symbolism, there is a need to stop everyday conflicts that poison the lives of organizations.

Results: The number of files processed by the court increased from 177 in 2017 to… 36 in 2021. Except in very serious cases, a reminder of the law is more relevant to the judge, knowing that contempt of a teacher is punishable by six months’ imprisonment and a fine of 7,500 euros. “It solves the problem in 80% of cases. And the member is not relieved to have the parents dragged to court!” The ASL, which can bring a civic action, emphasizes: “Justice needs to be more responsive. The dramatic situation is treated, but it is also necessary to stop the day-to-day conflicts that are poisoning the life of the organization. A

The activist network seeks effective protection that could be automatically granted to any government official under attack. And the important thing for the ASL is to have a well-integrated and legally well-armed team. Thanks to a partnership with the Ministry of Education, the association will train 61,000 supervisory staff in this direction by 2023, half of the agents in five years.

In the meantime, to complete the barometer, it has launched a massive survey this week of all secondary school staff on the school climate and the events that could be affected. Objective: To realize the reality of today’s college and high school, measure changes from this type of final study published in 2013 and identify areas for improvement. A requirement if we want to be teachers to meet the competitions again.

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