A man, struggling to conceive, refuses to adopt until the baby looks like the little girl he saw in his eyes.

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A man who dreamed of his future child when he was still a child was shocked to learn that he and his wife were unable to conceive. After many attempts, he offered that they would accept, an idea he rejected.

Today’s society has a hard time with words like “miracle”, “fate” or even “fate”. However, sometimes something happens that upsets people’s faith in science and technology.

In his youth, a person received a vision that could only be divine. Proof, years later, this prophecy came true very unexpectedly, which made him and his wife humble.

A divine vision and a deadly woman

Walt Manis was born on a farm in Arkansas. He was a happy child who spent all his leisure time in nature.

“I loved being in nature, I was out on my own and I had plenty of time to talk to God.”

A very unusual truth in today’s society, but the young man did not understand it, all this was normal for him. An extraordinary event happened in his 12th year. The teenager had a vision that clearly showed him that he would have a daughter named Chloe.

It was a very clear dream where he saw himself swinging the little girl in his parents’ garden. When he woke up, he remembered the baby’s name and face perfectly. Undoubtedly, this dream will forever be etched in his memory.

Walt Manis later moved to another area. It was there that he met Annie. The two children lived opposite each other. It didn’t take long for them to become best friends.

The habitat of the two families was separated by only one pasture. This closeness allows Walt and Annie to reunite their bonds. Walt even gave Annie a nickname. He calls her “Little Manchkin.” But he wasn’t really paying attention to her.

Annie, meanwhile, sees Walt as a great boy, dreaming of marrying a man like her when she was an adult. Later, he entered a university located just 30 minutes from where he had registered. Walt helped him settle down, he connected him to a church.

From there they began to spend more time together. During one of their conversations, Annie confessed to Walt that she wanted to start a family. He confessed to her that he wanted to get a girl whom he would call Chloe.

This is the name of the girl that Walt dreamed of years ago. None of them can believe this coincidence. Walt had the same watchful eye in the face of this strangeness. He hoped that the woman would have the same physical characteristics as the baby in his eyes. This was not the case with Annie.

The only similarity between them was that the first name floated among them. Yet their relationship continues to grow. They eventually fall in love and get married. Annie admits:

“From the beginning of our history, the Walt has been a solid refuge.”

The fight against infertility

After their marriage, Walt and his wife decided to wait a while before having children. They wanted to travel first, so they chose to work as missionaries. However, at some point, they decided it was time. One year passed, then three more years passed without any fruit.

Unable to conceive, Annie began to lose hope, but Walt refused to give up. She relied on her philosophy which promised her a child. He felt that this divine promise would allow him to welcome this long awaited child.

Annie later admitted that she struggled with her beliefs at the time because she considered it “trivial.” This story even began to affect their relationship with God. Annie wondered if she was really good when she didn’t give them what they needed.

Over the years, the couple has watched their friends welcome their children. Walt sees his wife forced to smile and congratulate the young parents. At one point, they began to think of themselves as “idiots who want kids.”

At some point, Annie felt a change in her and began to acknowledge the fact that they could not have children of their own and that was fine. They began to accept it, but could not deny this endless desire to be parents.

They keep on praying and ask other people to help them in their prayers. For a while they kept trying, but with each passing month came another disappointment. Tired of the war, Annie finally suggested adoption.

This idea did not please Walt. For her, it was out of the question that she was raising a child who was not hers. She wanted the baby to be her blood flesh. Also, he was sure that the baby would be there as promised.

He resisted for as long as possible, but eventually surrendered at the request of his wife. So he began to consider adoption as a possibility. For her, God promised her a child, and she didn’t just want an adoption, she wanted what she was promised.

A wonderful awareness

After Walt agreed to consider adoption, they decided to name their child something else, a decision that was a “fluke”. Then one day, Annie received a letter from the adoption agency claiming that an unborn child was looking for a mother.

Walt wasn’t sure if they were on the right track, but he went with Annie to see his birth mother. He encountered the adult version of the little child he saw in his vision.

It was a disgusting realization, but there are more. After talking to the mother for three hours, they were asked what they wanted to name the child. Before they could speak, the baby’s birth mother revealed that she always called him Chloe.

The couple was shocked when their mother told them that she had not thought of any other names before learning of Walt and Annie’s existence.

Immediately both of them fell down. The emotion was very strong. It should be remembered that they chose to abandon this first name, but came to meet him and wait for him. Ann said:

“I don’t remember exactly what he did. I just knew I was crying ugly.”

Their suspicions were dispelled. They were convinced that the child they were going to adopt was destined for them. They also remembered that it was a special opportunity that they enjoyed as believers.

They felt the presence of God that day and Annie realized how narrow her gaze was when she waited for a baby. On the day of delivery, the couple was finally happy to have their baby. It was a miracle for them, and no one would be able to convince Walt and Annie that it was anything else.

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