Abortion Rights: A Free Documentary Restores Simone de Beauvoir’s Fight

V.Through its TV5MONDEplus platform, the channel offers a selection of movies, series, documentaries and children’s shows for free online viewing. Among them, the documentary Beauvoir, shows itself back on the journey of a committed intellectual whose fight for the right to abortion seems more relevant than ever.

By Lucas Aubrey

When two young MLF activists knocked on Simon de Beauvoir’s door in January 1971 and asked her to sign a declaration for the right to abortion, the philosopher was already a reference to feminists around the world. His humanitarian and revolutionary encyclopedia, Second sex, Which supports, among other things, the freedom to dispose of one’s own body and the disobedience of patriarchal society has sold millions of copies and the life it has invented serves as a model for all women after the war, often interrupting their marriage or playing the role of mother at home. . ” He dared to say what no one had said before, he opened the cage where we women had been captives for millennia. 6, in the documentary Elizabeth remembers the woman in Badinter’s letter Beauvoir, adventure to be yourself, Published to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the icon’s death. So if the two workers are a little apprehensive about confronting a legend of their 30-year-old senior, the latter accepts their offer without hesitation in his loud and firm voice. Even better, intellectuals suggest that they write the manifesto themselves and draw up a list of acquaintances who have had abortions, or at least those who are willing to confirm it, simply to deny the 1920 law that aborted abortions and their associates.

One million abortions are performed every year in France. They do it in dangerous situations because they are condemned for privacy (…) I declare that I am one of them. I am announcing that I have had an abortion. On April 11, 1971, Simon de Beauvoir, Giselle Halimi, Catherine Deneuve, Agnes Verda, and 299 women demanded free and open abortion. New observer. Surprisingly, the petition, which was soon replicated internationally, was greeted with a kiss from conservatives, many of whom still thought it was “at the end of the power struggle.” And if one does not think of suing the workers and enlightened people of Manifest Des 343, the following year, a high school student who had a secret abortion after being raped found himself on the fence. This time again, Simon Bobigny oversees the trial as a witness in the juvenile court and appears. After weeks of media coverage, the 16-year-old girl was released, the first such case in France for a patient accused of such a “crime”. Her mother, however, was forced to pay a fine of 500 francs for her involvement when the angel maker received a one-year suspended sentence. France will have to wait for the 1975 curtain law to make abortion fully legal. Historic victory. ” Simone de Beauvoir had the talent to start a victory movement for women’s liberation. “Continue, Elizabeth Badinter.

And if, in France, nothing suggests that we can go back to this achievement, the right to abortion still remains very unequal and fragile around the world. In the United States last month, online media set fire to the Politico powder when it leaked a working document from the American Supreme Court suggesting that conservative judges, the majority of the country’s highest authorities, were ready to reconsider Rowe v. Wade, who granted abortion rights to American citizens in 1973. Two years ago, it was the Poles, South Koreans and Argentines who took to the streets to defend their rights. ” Never forget that it takes political, economic or religious crisis to question women’s rights. These rights are never acquired. Must be vigilant throughout life “Simone de Beauvoir was warned as soon as the publication Second sex In 1949. Feminists around the world can find the strength to continue fighting among philosophers.

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