Cindy (married at first sight) reveals her wedding dress too much? This dress event …

This did not escape anyone: Cindy did not like the dress she wore on her wedding day. The dress was really very cut-out. One user wanted to know why. And answers from the main interested parties Tuesday, May 17 during a live Instagram. We tell you everything!

On Monday 16th May, Cindy and Jafre said yes to each other on the show Marriage at first sight. An event that is much more to the fans of the event. Looks like these two were made for each other. On the one hand, Jafre, a former top swimmer, lives in Marseille. At age 39, she decided to take part in the show. Because it is difficult to find love. Her friend Eric is perplexed. ” She is perfect. He is kind, gentle, caring, delicate “, He explained effectively on the M6’s camera.

Cindy, a 33-year-old beautician, has been looking for a boyfriend for two and a half years. In vain. So she wants to find a relationship that matches her, thanks to the show’s experts. ” I don’t know how to find someone who is good for me “, He explains to the camera Marriage at first sight.

A difficult ordeal for the couple.

So Estelle Dossin contacted two bachelors. According to experts, they actually have a consistency of 76%. Boxing fans broke down in tears on hearing the news. Her sister and her best friend are also happy.

Recently, however, Estelle Dossin’s account has been sharply criticized. Effective, Caroline violently clashes with Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter. Because he didn’t need to marry a young woman to understand that he would not end his life alongside Axel. For a simple and compelling reason: the 29-year-old doorstep business manager found nothing interesting between the young man, the 30-year-old project manager and the site pilot. According to him, they did not share the same values.

Caroline also criticized Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter for not helping her against online haters. And he has many allegations against them. I blame the experts in the sense that obviously putting myself in someone who doesn’t meet my physical and mental standards, I’m not going to fall in love. Whatever it is, not at first sight. I was forced to be humiliated and they knew it very wellHe admitted.

Cindy’s stylist rescued!

And to add: Experts know that if a spouse does not fall in love, they become lynchings because the audience expects love, and no one warns me. No one checked that I was OK“, Thus concludes Caroline. We think of Solen (2020 season) who had the same nightmare experience. He was not attracted to Matthew either.

But Jafre, he doesn’t seem to have heeded Caroline’s rebuke. The swimmer couldn’t help but tell his colleagues about his marriage. Great Olympic medalists like Frederick Bosket and Florent Manaudu answered him. Laure Manaudou’s brother even lectured by video. ” I will now put Jafri’s wedding on my calendar. “It simply came to our notice then.

Despite Jafri and Cindy wanting to say yes, the two young men had to face a big test. In fact, Cindy had to face rejection from her mother. The latter did not really want to set foot in marriage. A real slap in the face for the bride!

Married at first sight: “You go there… there’s everything up there. A

Don’t think anything, Cindy still did everything to enjoy her marriage. Yes, but now, her outfit has played a bad trick on her! “She was de * collet but it was okay, it didn’t hit me”.He explained During a live Instagram on Tuesday, May 17th. And to specify: “But on the morning of the wedding, I was losing my brace.” We have made emergency changes and they have changed the rendering of clothing. So my kind and adorable stylist went to a buyer to pull my suspender. And the straps go up … there you go … there everything goes up. , He really said. Visitors will remember!

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