Focus on the Pôle Emploi Charter for the ethical use of artificial intelligence

Pôle emploi was one of the winners of the “Public Action 2022” program for his project “Install artificial intelligence in Pôle Emploi as a lever to accelerate the return to sustainable employment.” In fact, he was one of the first French public actors to exploit the potential of AI on such a large scale: open innovation platforms (pô, innovation platforms, lab pole employees … the use of AI in an ethical framework, Pôle emploi Its managing director, Jean Bassères, has suggested that the company accept a certificate.

If AI has a lot of potential, for Pôle emploi’s agents and its users, its technologies can raise ethical and social issues.

The Pôle Emploi Charter for Ethical AI is the result of a multi-sectoral working group as well as collaborative work involving users, job seekers and advisers. It deals with all AI algorithms, services and solutions whose design, definition, implementation, use, purpose and rules are defined by Pôle emploi and is subject to its responsibilities (excluding specific medical regulatory or legal provisions).

The AI ​​is reviewed by Pôle emploi’s external ethics advisory committee, then approved by the board.

Pôle Emploi Charter pledges to develop algorithms and artificial intelligence and guarantee ethical use

The goal of the Pôle emploi charter for an ethical AI is to enable Pôle emploi to fulfill its mission and respect the values ​​and obligations of public service.

Pôle emploi therefore only to implement AI algorithms and solutions designed for the interests of Pôle employee agents and users, within the scope of its mission, to combat malicious practices against them but specifically People in the center: AI must be at his service.

AI algorithms can reproduce, reinforce, or create discriminatory biases. Justice and non-discrimination, Pôle emploi takes the initiative to limit algorithmic bias in order to treat all users fairly.

Many people fear that AI and the automation of the tasks that enable it can result in job loss. The charter aims to reassure Pôle Emploi agents: People have an essential place, AI can help them, clarify their choices, make decisions but not force them to follow, Enter a friend’s full name Must be respected.

For more than that TransparencyPôle emploi is responsible for informing users that they are interacting with an AI system, using their data and complying with the law, in order to obtain their consent.

Security and technical firmness Users are required to ensure the privacy as well as the reliability and resilience of the services provided.

Pôle Emploi promises to respect the practices recommended by ANSSI (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems) and CNIL in data protection: data identification at risk, security of processing, notification
In case of violation of personal information.

Environmental impact Poll is the last part of the employment certificate. The latter, which has voluntarily integrated a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach to an environment and sustainable development, continues to pursue its vision for responsible digital technology and thus the environmental impact associated with the development and use of algorithms and artificial intelligence systems.

Pôle emploi promises to periodically review its charter and, if necessary, update it to make it consistent with technological, social and regulatory developments.

Pôle Emploi is also responsible for implementing the governance, agencies, processes and tools required to ensure compliance with the commitments in this Charter.

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