Newborn vision: What does a baby see at birth?

During pregnancy our newborn’s senses begin to develop. However, they are far from being as wide as an adult at birth, especially in terms of vision, which is the last feeling that is established in the fetus.

Do newborns look like adults?

A child does not look like an adult: he still cannot distinguish colors, has lost peripheral vision, is disturbed by a very bright light source … and cannot see more than about twenty centimeters. But His visual acuity will develop extremely fastIn just a few months.

How does a baby see at birth or at 1 week?

The child sees what is about twenty centimeters away from his eyes. When we hold it in our arms, it is perfect! His eyes were blurred And the bright light bothers him, which is why he often closes his eyes.

He almost only sees black and white but realizes the contrast well. Until her second month, our vision will be the object of attention of all babies, especially since it is the perfect expression of our feelings (joy, fatigue, etc.) – in the middle of our mouths.

What is the vision of a 1 month old baby?

In about five weeks, the colors gradually appear to the baby, Start with bright colors: red, green … For about a month or two, our face will be in better shape when we are in front, but it still can’t separate the details.

Baby vision 1 month

How to see a 2 month old baby?

At 2 months of age, our baby’s visual field allows him See up to 60 cm with 30 angle. Her curiosity and her vision expanded as the child began to take an interest in her environment. This is when the real smile begins, which illuminates the whole face!

He still pays attention to our faces. If he sees objects near him, he will still not follow them with his eyes.

Baby vision 2 months

3 months: From what age can a baby see color?

Towards the third month, the baby begins to distinguish between blue and green, the colors are very similar. She gradually becomes interested in her toys, such as her hug toys or her mobile, which she adjusts carefully. It also follows our movement Turn his head.

3 month old baby vision

4 months: From what age do children get to see more?

As our baby raises his head, he makes his vision work more and so widens his field of vision. He clearly saw her hands and was moving them while looking at them. He starts Make eye-eye connections And understand that he understands what he sees. He can now clearly see objects placed in front of him or further away.

Finally, yellow makes an appearance in its color palette.

Baby vision 4 months

5 months: Binocular vision

At about 5 months, the baby no longer looks in front of her, but next to her! His vision became binocular, so The concept of relief and the realization of depth became clear. She loves to hold the toys in her hand now.

Intermediate colors become more noticeable, such as pink, beige and yellow.

5 month old baby vision

6 months: When does a baby look like an adult?

From six months, His field of vision has expanded considerably and increased up to 60. Our children perceive better and better the distances that separate them from us or objects and manage to grasp them more easily. He can now swing towards us, extend his arm towards us and voluntarily turn towards us. The crawling stage will help him further refine his visual acuity.

Baby vision 6 months

Evolution of the child’s vision up to 1 year

He needs to wait until the end of the first year of his life so that, thanks to evolution and the development of his vision, the child can look like an adult. From now on, the sharpness is perfect, the relief is well appreciated, and our baby perceives all the colors of the rainbow! Baby is interested in books, magazines now … so don’t hesitate to take them with you when naming something good!

Vision baby 1 year

A child’s perspective: The role of the brain

When a child perceives his two “brand new” eyes, his brain registers new sensations day after day: light, color, movement, our pictures, etc … But, when his vision improves and he does more to discover it Uses. Earth, what happens if his two eyes do not work well? Immediate response of the baby’s brain: She abandons these incompetent eyes To use the other more often, “good”, somewhat like us, when the right hand is hit, we first use the left out more than necessary, then reflectively.

During all this time, the baby’s brain will also become accustomed to no longer remembering the messages sent by the “evil eye” (the confused image that interferes with the “healthy” eye). If you wait too long, your eyesight may be damaged for life. To us, parents, Stimulate our child’s visual acuity to identify a potential problemIf the child has horizontal eyes, you need to be attentive, observe his hand-eye coordination, be careful with his fixed vision … and do not hesitate to discuss this with our pediatrician!

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