Oracle Lab Le Matin opens the door to the newspaper in Casablanca

“Call for real solutions to real challenges”. This is the principle prevalent in the laboratories of technology giant Oracle, where innovative intelligence is combined to develop unprecedented solutions to the major challenges of our world. “Le Matin”, exclusively, visited Casablanca “Oracle Lab”, newly opened, and met with the managers and team of this R&D sanctuary in Morocco. Once the Access Door Security device is unlocked, you go straight to a future-oriented world where the power to shape the most innovative ideas is expressed.

From Java Solutions to the Internet of Things and Blockchain, Integrated Industry Solutions to the most complex business processes in a wide range of industries, Oracle is everywhere! Banking and insurance, communications, engineering and construction, health, life sciences, utilities, etc. There is no sector without Oracle. Through the dynamics of powerful innovation induced by nine “labs” around the world, of which the Casablanca site is now a part, this champion of on-demand software stands as a perfect reference in terms of industrial research aimed at creating technology. Which could radically change the existing computing paradigm.

Oracle in Morocco since 1998

Oracle’s general manager for North Africa, El Hussein Okuk, said Oracle’s presence in Morocco dates back to 1998. This presence focuses on business activity and support for Oracle’s local partners, be it banks, telecommunications operators or government services. But over the years, due to the ability shown by its citizens in terms of advanced research, the Kingdom has aroused the interest of this super firm from Silicon Valley. The strategic adaptations adopted by Morocco, especially in the areas of sustainable development, industrial and digital transformation, and investment support, have contributed to the establishment of Oracle in Morocco.

We are not in the logic of outsourcing

Casablanca Nearshore Oracle Lab is far from sub-contracted, even at the top end. “Like other poles, Morocco’s poles are involved in advanced research through the adoption of high-risk, uncertain or difficult projects within product development organizations,” explained Hassan Chafi, “the vice-president in charge. Advanced Research and Development.” This native of the United States, growing up in Morocco between Casablanca and Marrakech, tells us that during his school years in Morocco, he realized how particularly intelligent his peers were. And it is precisely this abundance of talent in Morocco that has prompted Oracle officials to seriously consider setting up an R&D department in the Kingdom. “In recent years, we have been busy studying the country’s potential, acquiring skills and testing whether it is sufficient to meet our research and development needs,” he explained. “Our CEO was in Morocco on May 16-17, his first visit to Africa, and he was impressed by what he saw, using his own words,” said Mr Chaffee, referring to a twofold purpose of Mrs. Safra Ada Katz: state with Moroccan officials Reporting on the huge benefits arising from the cooperation between, especially after the signing of the Abraham Pact, and seeing all the tendency, strength and abundance of talent in this country to work together for themselves. .

Casablanca Lab is involved in all Oracle projects

The Moroccan team must work on all Oracle projects, especially those involving artificial intelligence and machine learning. He will work on projects to increase the accuracy of solutions for managing government and business cash flows, for example, to detect all types of fraud, including online advertising fraud, Mr Chafi said. Most recently, he said, the group helped identify context-spoofing malware “KissFraud”, which uses “ghost site” techniques (or “phantom sites”, a malicious site with infringing content created specifically for the purpose of advertising fraud).
The team is also working on the design of new cloud services, especially solutions to autonomous security issues in applications. Similarly, Mr. Chaffee said the team contributes to the relational database management system “Oracle Database” which is Oracle’s flagship product. “So the message I want to convey is that this team is involved in all aspects and all technologies and there is no limit to what they can do,” said the head of Oracle.

Different and varied profiles

In terms of profiles, Mr. Chaffey said, the purpose is to appeal to anyone who is able to participate in an Oracle project related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, basic system data, operating systems (with people working on Oracle Linux here). , Java and the next generation of Java languages, and cloud services. Oracle is one of the few companies that offers a full range of products and services covering all levels. “That’s why we’re looking for atypical profiles, such as computer specialists, computer engineers, but also those who don’t have a diploma and are currently training at 1337 schools,” explained Mr. Chaffey Oracle is committed to working closely with the needs of its graduates to align their skills. The same is true of Pascal Cerro, vice-president of the “Advanced Research and Development” division, who confirms that research and development requires a wide variety of profiles: 1337 doctoral and master’s degree holders with no degree.

A first-class partnership with UM6P 7

The partnership with Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) makes it clear that the institution provides for researchers. “By its profession, its means and its partnerships, UM6P serves as a national flagship and takes full advantage of the establishment of an Oracle Lab in Morocco for this level of partnership”, underlining Mr Okuk. Also, as Oracle’s general manager for North Africa observes, the organization, like the OCP Group, has a vision that joins Oracle: to identify skills outside the Rabat-Casablanca axis. The group’s strategy for opening coding schools across the state is in line with Oracle’s goals of finding talent wherever it is. This perspective is shared by Mr. Sero who sees what the features of UM6P are and what its leaders want to do and has a clear vision of the ways in which they are used to achieve their objectives. For his part, Mr. Chaffey emphasizes that the profiles of Rachid Gerau, a professor at UM6P, and an associate at Oracle Lab in Zurich, demonstrate the strategic nature of such a partnership with UM6P. Thanks to this professor, a number of Moroccan collaborators, including some from UM6P, have joined the Oracle Lab in Zurich, Mr. Chafi said.

A planned collaboration with all Moroccan universities and higher institutions

In addition to this strategic partnership with UM6P, Oracle Morocco seeks to collaborate with all Moroccan schools and universities. “We are collaborating with the Mohammadia School of Engineers and we plan to expand this collaboration to other schools and universities,” said Mr Chafi. Oracle Morocco wants to help universities create and develop their IT courses by providing curriculum, according to Mr Charo. “It is in our interest that the number of talents emanating from these universities increases and we see ourselves as directly involved in the development of these fields and so these schools and universities provide free cloud credit and train their students using the latest technology as a support partner. .

Aim for Africa too

Setting in Morocco, Oracle is also leaning towards Africa. This computer giant seeks to take advantage of Morocco’s position as the gateway to Africa and its influence on the continent for the permanent initiative of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the pioneer of South-South cooperation. Echoing the words of Mostafa Terab, Pascal Cerro stressed that Africa must be seen as a solution, not a problem, and that Oracle, like what can be done in the Kingdom, wants to invest in Africa in search of talent.

From the fight against covid to the bee conservation, the oracle is where it counts

To explain the universality of the oracle, Hassan Chafi does not hesitate to use the formula: “If the oracle disappears one day, you will find yourself suddenly plunged into darkness after knowing the light!” Oracle is a key player and its solutions are ubiquitous, Mr. Chaffee said, adding that Oracle technology has been used in clinical trials of anti-covid vaccines in the context of the fight against covid. “That’s why I’m so proud to be part of this structure,” he said. In support of Mr. Chaffy’s remarks, Mr. O’Connor maintains that Oracle is a pioneer in finding solutions to the world’s major problems. Currently, and facing the problem of the collapse of bee colonies, Oracle has developed a solution that is in the experimental phase to alleviate this worrying situation worldwide.

Ghita Major: A symbol

During the Oracle CEO’s visit to UM6P’s premises in Benghazi, the example of Ghita Mejo, a young ministerial representative in charge of digital transformation and administration reform, was specifically mentioned to highlight how Morocco excels in efficiency. In computer engineering. “I believe that the next generation of IT talent will come from the South, especially from Africa and more specifically from Morocco. If you go to the best computer engineering schools in France, the Moroccans are the second largest community after the French. If you go to Switzerland, the Moroccans formed the third community after the Swiss and the French and Ghita Major was one of them! Professor Rachid Geraui said in his speech.

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