Parenting: 5 Tips for Supporting a Sick Child

Now at 7 o’clock in the evening, you are returning home from work after a busy journey between nursery and home. You have a flush and only one wish: enjoy a small glass of red (or multifruit) on the sofa and don’t answer for anything or anyone for an hour. Unfortunately, the tiny man for whom you are responsible has other plans for you: to transform you into a helpless source of his emotions.

Apparently frustrated, very noisy and reluctant to sleep, he won’t go to bed until 11pm, ruining your chances of enjoying some well-groomed vacation. Three hours behind schedule, which the Gremlins otherwise you deeply love, they will be busy splashing the whole bathroom and emptying the kitty litter box. Jump into her bed, despite your warnings, before leaning her head against the wall and swallowing her (almost) weight. Bright little stars Aloud.

Let’s just say that no matter how much you love him, you can’t take it anymore. You worship him but he is unbearable. And you don’t know exactly how to stay calm in the face of this hurricane that your child explains strongly.

To help you and prove that we understand you, here are 5 tips that will guide you to better support it.

1- Calm down

This is the first step before taking action. Take a deep breath and ask yourself if what is happening at the moment is really so serious or if it is a collection of small incidents. Even, go for a walk in the bathroom to say everything in a low voice that you can’t politely tell your children out loud.

Doesn’t matter? Just let go of the steam by crying from the heart or gesturing frantically. Then wash your face under cold water and promise yourself that you will be happy to call her first love in the next 15 years her angry pain. It’s a living experience: it puts ideas back in place and makes it feel good.

2- Express your feelings to him

According to psychologist Dr. Bethany Cook, children are quite capable of hearing that we are on the verge of breaking up. Or more precisely, their behavior causes us an unpleasant feeling.

To do this, try not to get angry, but go to her in a calm voice and let her know that the sound of her fork in the tray of her high chair is giving you a headache. (Translation: You want to scream. In a cushion).

“Children are more likely to comply with requests if they are kindly formulated and if they are explained,” PureWow’s expert estimates. An example, too, of a good social attitude, “which means your kids are less likely to bother you (and others) in the long run.”

3- Get out

Well, not from your home, at least from the house where the fanatics are if it is safe. “It’s important that kids have the freedom and space to act in different ways … so if your child does something that bothers you, but is honestly harmful and appropriate for them, you can just let them (safely) do it,” the expert explained. Do it again

His behavior (or your annoyance) is an outing to do prudently before waiting for a notch to go down.

4- Choose your battle

Not every source of annoyance is worth remembering. A coat left on the floor, some water splashed during meals, a fermented fang on a piece of salted butter stored in the fridge while you turn your back (from experience, we tell you): to avoid it is to fight moral exhaustion. And some must give up.

“Focus on the important things, such as how your child treats other people,” encourages Aha! Parenting. And identify what is occasional and harmful, though particularly annoying, stupid.

5- Take time with your little one

Not that what is happening is your fault or a sign that you are moving away from it. But sometimes the best time for yourself and rest is to give the baby first. To puzzle, to read stories, to eat alone.

“Spending time alone with your kids before doing solo activities makes them feel loved, connected and connected,” says Dr. Cook. “They are more likely to happily occupy themselves for a while before needing to reconnect.”

And once for these two brackets, you can finally sit comfortably on the sofa, a drink in your hand. And enjoy before doing it again the next day.

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