What is swingvision and how can it improve your mood?

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(Pocket-Lint) – Whether you are an avid tennis player, coach or one of those people who become a tennis fan with spring and summer, you need to download the Swingvision app.

We are in the last camp. We love tennis but we don’t play tennis all year round. Instead, we usually watch a big tournament like Wimbledon or Ronald Garros and remember how much we love the game and how badly we want to get our racquets out and hit those delicious yellow balls with the net (or inside).

It doesn’t matter if you are a tennis beginner or you want to test yourself against the wonderful Federer, because the swing app fits all levels and offers many great functions that will help you improve your game.

Here’s what you need to know about SwingVision and what you need to do to get the most out of the app and improve your tennis game.

What is Swingvision AI?

The SwingVision AI app is a mobile app that works on a number of Apple devices, including the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, with the ultimate goal of improving your tennis game.

The app was created in 2014 and offers a number of great features ranging from challenging line calls with slow motion replays to the ability to create video highlights and analyze stroke statistics from speed, depth, accuracy and exchange length. They are by specific shots such as forehand or backhand, monitoring scores and match statistics and measuring your progress with weekly goals.

SwingVision AI allows you to benefit from personalized coaching after each session and compete against other users around the world based on the number of shots you hit.

It is also the official player and ball tracking app of Tennis Australia, LTA and ITA, and is approved by former ATP World No. 1 Andy Roddick and former ATP World No. 4 James Blake.

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How does the Swingvision AI app work?

The SwingVision AI app is designed to replace a very expensive setup of ten on-court cameras to track your tennis game and provide feedback and analysis.

Used by iPad Pro, iPad Air (2022) or iPhone, protected by a barrier or tripod, the artificial intelligence owned by SwingVision will process your videos using the cameras and chips of these devices and track your shots in real time without any internet connection. Necessary

The app’s artificial intelligence will not only tell you the location of the injury, but also the type of injury and the details of the speed. Once you’ve finished the game, your match or practice video lets you view shot statistics and video highlights, including point-by-point or shot-by-shot. Surprisingly, you can filter the video to show very specific shots, such as only in volley or out head kick.

When you play, audio feedback announces scores and stats in real time, and in real time, it’s possible to challenge line calls during a match. When calling the competition line, you can immediately see a slow replay of the shot, as well as decide whether the ball has gone in or out.

For those who own an Apple Watch, use the accelerometer and gyroscope, along with the swingvision app algorithm, to calculate your swing speed from your wrist. You can use Siri from your Apple Watch to start a tennis practice or match.

Before you start, set up a profile in the SwingVision app – this is where you can review your sessions and measure your progress over time.

What do you need to get the most out of SwingVision?

You can film your practice or game with an iPad or iPhone and you don’t need an Apple Watch, but offering real-time statistics on your wrist will add to the experience.

The iPad Pro (2021) has a wide and ultra-wide camera lens that gives you a full view of the pitch when you place it on a tripod or indoor fence stand for indoor pitches. The latest iPhones also offer wide and ultra-wide lenses, so they will be able to shoot whatever you need.

You can use an iPad Air (2022). Although it only has one lens, the 2022 Air works with the M1 chip, like the iPad Pro, which means it still provides the processing power needed to deliver real-time statistics and analysis. Made by Swingvision app.

If you use SwingVision on the Apple Watch, you’ll see real-time response to the last shot you made, including the type and speed of the shot. Data will also be used to close your rings, and the faster you hit the ball, the faster the SwingVision speedometer will move.

What does the SwingVision AI app look like and is it worth downloading?

We tried the SwingVision app by filming an iPad Pro and an Apple Watch Series 7 on our wrists – it should be on the wrist where you hold the racket – and we liked the stats we finally got.

The workout video was great, reviewing every step, as well as slowing down playback to help you see what you could do better or what you did better. This component is especially useful for instructors who can show their students what they can improve, what they are doing well and what they should do more, but also for individuals.

The best thing about the SwingVision app is that the statistics and analytics are presented in a colorful and user-friendly way that is fun to look at, but also easy to understand. Our favorite part of the Swingvision app is video filtering.

It’s great that the app is able to – very quickly – instantly show you the specific plans requested using the filtering system. You can select Move, Effects, Directions, Move type, and get results in Moving Analytics.

This means that if you only want to see the crossover forehand that was hit, the video will immediately group those shots together, and still show you what kind of shot it was – like a flat forehand – and how fast it hit In the corner

We’ve learned that we probably won’t be the next Roger Federer anytime soon, but the stats and features provided by the SwingVision app certainly want to keep trying to improve our game, so who knows, maybe one day.

Writes Brita O’Boyle.

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