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This week, we’re enjoying a spring, festival and buccaneer breeze! We are amazed at the many street festivals and their circuses, dances and puppet shows, we discover the joys of cycling and good deals at the Park Floral de Paris, we take advantage of the lively school lessons on Saturday mornings … not forgetting the good culture for young and old Plan!

Outdoor show

Street fountain

Le Printemps des Rues, an artistic, friendly and popular meeting place, a place of exchange and conversation between different artistic writings. For more than twenty years, it has been inviting the public to discover a weekend of plural aesthetics, reflecting the diversity of the street art. There will be generosity, tenderness and precision thanks to an eclectic and multi-departmental program where the inner worlds are just waiting to be shared.

Children’s road

La Rue aux Enfants is a celebration of play, fun and children’s freedom. It is a cry from the heart to provide public space for children.

Eleven Move

Each year, the festival offers unique and eclectic shows, performances and artistic encounters for audiences of all ages. On the street corner, in the yard or in the garden, in the middle of the day or at night, ONZE BOUGE invites you to dream, laugh, travel, question yourself, share, take part!

Cinema Hall


Every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon at Forum des Images a movie, a debate or an animation and a snack for all budding movie lovers from 18 months to 8 years old! Recruitment Wednesday, May 25th In 15 hours: Famous bear attack in Sicily By Lorenzo Mattotti Followed by a debateFrom 7 years and Sunday 29 May In 15 hours: Wizard of Oz By Victor Fleming Followed by a debateFrom the age of 6 years

Magician, magician in Cinemathec Frances

The magic hangs in our screenings for our young viewers who, in the footsteps of Georges Melius, set out to meet the most famous magicians and wizards in the movie. Transforming into magic duels, toads, dogs or cats, nice witches, evil witches and of course Harry, Ron and Hermione are on the agenda.

The discovery of the movie magician Melias

Magician, director of hundreds of newsreels, Burlesque sketches and sci-fi films, creator of the world’s first glamorous studio, actor, decorator, inventor of strategy: Melius is an incredible figure in the history of cinema whose influence is innumerable. This visit offers a browse of his life and his work, from its origins to our day, the magical veins of cinema and the special effects of which Melius is recognized as the inventor.

All bikes

Velo in Paris, a festival dedicated to the little queen

Velo will be back in Paris in 2022! Find your show 100% dedicated to the Little Queen between May 27 and 29, 2022 at the Park Floral de Paris. In the program, bikes and equipment of many brands are being tested, the possibility of buying on site, as well as many activities, especially for children. Take your seat now!

Children on their bikes on the shores of the sign

Shows for the little ones


An owl with owl eyes, a chic bird fluttering its feathers, a blue tit, five green tits: here is a brood of story and wealth. Open your wings and your ears, flap!

Theater and dance for older children

I have many friends

The ten-year-old boy is in the imagination of David Lescott I’m very scared Discover what you need to know to survive your sixth full year. To be popular or not, that is the big question I have many friends, A real survival manual for students entering college. I’m so scared, you remember, our young hero was terrified at the thought of entering 6And That it was ruining his summer vacation. This time, it was the big jump, and that’s where the real problem started: popularity, the problem of friends and especially enemies, the election of representatives, girls and especially one.

The myth of the Marie-Claude patriarchal dance

Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet, Carmen, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, so many masterpieces of dance that Mary-Claude Petragalla and Julien DeRoult have re-interpreted them through a contemporary reinterpretation of du Corps dancers in the Juan Theatre. They reshape these great myths of classical treasures anchored in the combined imagination.


Video games on Wednesday

Media Library releases its video game! Come on Wednesdays in the afternoon of the month to challenge yourself on the console with friends or family. Free admission.

Saturday board games

Do you like to play Ours too! That’s good, as part of World Games Day, we’re hosting a game on Saturday afternoon, May 26th. Alone, with friends or family, come and play and discover games in the library. Azul, Bizarre Bazaar, Kalpana, Code Name… and many more games are waiting for you! A fun and sharing moment can’t be missed!

World Sports Day

In partnership with Paris des fau’Bourg, the Françoise Sagan Media Library offers you an afternoon dedicated to the game! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, come and play with us at Square Alban Satragon!

On Saturday mornings, we play in the school yard and in the open nurseries

With the arrival of excellent weather, the new courses will welcome the public in schools: 42 school and college courses, as well as 28 nurseries will be open from Saturday 14 May!

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