For 20 years, Vincent has been a teacher for children with disabilities

Vincent Michan Reyes (Lower-Atlantic) was a young teacher in a class where there were a lot of traveling children when the job description came out. That was in 2001. 20 years later, he still appreciates the versatility of his profession. Mayeva Agri

With his rocker style, Vincent Michan Doesn’t seem like work. And that’s good, because he’s not a teacher like the others. This resident Beginon (Lower Atlantic) Has worked for 20 years as well Traveling children.

“I integrated the system when it was created in Lower-Atlantic in 2001”, explaining that the man was only a young teacher at the time. RezNearby Nantes

Previously, the trip was almost methodical for children Grouped together, In special classes. When National Education reviewed this policy and decided to integrate it with other students to bring prosperity and diversity to all, there was a need to develop ways to support them. Those who have specialties Change position regularly And so, presumably, there may be gaps in their learning.

A child traveler can stay in a school all year round or change every 15 days. And since not all schools move at the same pace, some may have never learned an idea or, conversely, may have seen one even more than once. So our job is to put the pieces back together.

7 teachers like him in Lower-Atlantic

“Our work”, because Vincent Mitchell is obviously not alone. The Lower-Atlantic Division Account 6 more previous ones Like her. All of these academic systems have two project managers (one primary, the other secondary), responsible for need identification, and three inspectors, two of whom oversee the educational plan and work closely administratively for the others.

We meet regularly to coordinate – and only among teachers -. It is more important for these students to move from one sector to another, so it allows us to discuss files.

“They develop great adaptability.”

On a daily basis, in addition to these meetings, travel through parts of the Bignonnais Southern vineyards To assist the families of travelers Schooling method Provide educational support to their children, and those in need.

We can support the class directly but it is on the margin, if only time consuming. Most of the time, on school days, the child is taken out of his class so that he is given a 45 minute session with 3 or 4 students in a small group. These are short sessions, but it is voluntary, the idea is to promote their concentration and not make breaks with the rest of the class.

In terms of content, it all depends Students needed. Mathematics, French… Vincent Michan obviously follows the programs. And working with them, like any teacher, the student’s attitude: “We learn how to behave in class, we work with perseverance …” is not more or less than Seated student. However, without it Travelers Yes, by definition, Low mark.

Some people may be annoyed by the change of school, teachers, friends … but in general, they develop great adaptability. Sometimes they even want to move away on their own, to see something else.

“I teach my alumni’s children”

Like his students, Vincent Michon Nomad. And it suits him very well:

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Colleagues tell me it must be tough, but on the contrary, I appreciate this time of driving between two organizations. It’s a moment for me to think about my job.

So what about not being able to follow and support your students in the long run? Not so Disappointing ? “I mourned for the class,” he reassured with a smile: “I missed the first years, it’s true, to tell myself that I didn’t see the purpose of my education, but over time it all changed. Because now, Twenty years later, I see the children of my alumni. ”

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