Safari Condo 2022: Great comfort in a small format

Good weather makes you walk around. It makes you dream of discovering new places. Because you have the spirit of an adventurer and you love nature and the outdoors, you are looking for a formula that guarantees you great mobility and the possibility to change the landscape every day.

In this case, a recreational vehicle would be ideal for you, but not just. You need a Class B RV. Because here.

ABC of RVs

There are three categories of recreational vehicles, excluding cars, pickup trucks and SUVs to pull a trailer. I call it the ABC of RVs, because these three letters nominate each.

Class A RVs are just as livable as their fuel consumption. They are very spacious, and often very luxurious. These are much less mobile than the main traffic arteries.

In contrast, the Class C models are made from a chassis-cab type car. They are recognized by the increase in their body work across the driver’s cabin. It has a bunk where children like to take shelter. Their dimensions can be relatively large, higher than the Class B model.

This type is in between. Made from a van, they are more uniform and more refined than Class C RVs. These are shorter and sometimes a little less wide Experience convinces me, however, that when you learn to travel accordingly, they are perfectly suited for two or four people (see below). Also, when they have a high roof, you can walk on the board without turning. They are also less greedy at the pump. In addition, their small size makes them very enjoyable to drive, even on the narrow streets of the city center or on the back roads to the west. Finally, their bodies can be generously glazed. This is the case with Safari Condos, and it makes being on board even more enjoyable!

Despite their small dimensions, the Class B RV has a kitchen area, a small living room and a combined bathroom (toilet and sink are in the shower). In addition to convertible beds, it is increasingly common to find a fixed bed there. In short, it’s great comfort in a small format!

Learn to travel

Of course, the Class B models offer a little less space for occupants, luggage and the gear you want to bring. But there is no need to vacate the house to transfer everything to RV when you leave. Simple, well thought out and properly selected tools are enough to make life enjoyable while traveling. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. To get there, sometimes you need to use an ax, a shovel or whatever. Still need to know how to use!

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. After all, an RV, big or small, is still a limited place to stay.

Photo: Courtesy of Safari Condo

For the benefit of the residents while relocating, they need to learn how to store, secure or fix things. Well-planned travel is also much more enjoyable. Get started by consulting CAA-Quebec documents and experts. Read about the areas you will go through and the places you find there. Many websites, publications and forums can provide valuable information, often for free.

I would like to mention the site, which is full of information about camping and caravaning in Quebec and the rest of Canada. For example, there are over 1,200 invented sites that offer free parking for RVs across the country. This makes the resource and all the other trips much more enjoyable.

Photo: Courtesy of Safari Condo

The right truck

You still need to choose the RV you need. And it starts with the truck that serves as its base. Several manufacturers often confine themselves to a single brand to make their RV. Beauce company Safari Condo has distinguished itself by using three popular vans today: the Mercedes-Benz sprinter, the Ram Promaster and the Ford Transit.

The sprinter has the most welcome cockpit with the most comfortable seats, the steering wheel with the best settings for long rides, excellent visibility and more. In short, it is the car with the best designed cabin.

For its part, thanks to a front-wheel drive engine, the ProMaster benefits from an ultra-low and very wide floor. This is the model on the ship that one can easily climb. Finally, I would say that transit is half way between these two trucks when it comes to cabin layout and accessibility.

The Safari Condo produces RVs based on sprinters and promoters with a turbodiesel or petrol engine. Diesel engines are ideal for passengers who often travel long distances due to low cost. In the case of transit, on the other hand, the catalog contains only one V6 EcoBoost (supercharged) petrol.

Photo: Courtesy of Safari Condo

The cost is whatever comes out of your pocket

These vehicles are quite heavy. So when it comes to fuel consumption, it starts with the way you drive. Add about 3 L / 100km to the fuel cost ratings that the delegates will tell you and you won’t be surprised! Moreover, several RV tests done year after year allow me today to confirm that a 19-foot turbodiesel sprinter would be the most fuel-efficient vehicle with an average rating of about 10 L / 100km. Promaster II, will follow by petrol-powered transit.

To know the fuel consumption of an RV, an experimental drive on weekends is not enough. The real cost of using an RV is out of your pocket after a few months. A weekly 100km round trip to a local campsite throughout the summer will not cost as much as a trip to the Quebecers who visited the Northwest Territories last year, who will travel to Newfoundland this year, and who are already planning a trip to the West Coast. United States next year.

Photo: Courtesy of Safari Condo

For my part, I chose a 22-foot double-wheeled safari condo sprinter for our gateway. It has a pleasant and safe driving experience as well as internal space and load capacity. If I talk a lot about Safari Condo, it is because this Quebec manufacturer takes great care in the design and construction of its products. That’s why he did not hesitate to comply with the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) production standards, a certificate that guarantees the buyer the best and safest benefits for everything that touches gas, electricity and plumbing. Also, in a safari condo, everything is in order to ensure the best protection for the residents in the event of an accident. The brand’s RV also has the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA) Accreditation of Excellence, which is essential for RVs to be admitted to specific campgrounds in Canada and the United States. Finally, Safari Condo has a dealer in western Canada, which can be useful at times.

Nowadays, like cars and light trucks, when taking the step of buying an RV, it is better to plan for long delivery time. More common than two or three years. The growing excitement for the vehicle is compounded by the uncertainty caused by the two-year epidemic and the problems with the supply of electronic chips. So, synchronize this beautiful acquisition project with your travel plan and you won’t be disappointed.

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